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  • should we have like a theme so we can work on together cause i mean i dont really know where to start right now LOL
    How about we go for something like Insomnia?

    I also started a song based off of Smack my Bitch Up if you want to try hoping on that.
    Actually that new track is pretty fucking crazy right now. It would probably take a while to get you up to speed with all the shit I've done with it (it's at the point where I'm starting to get lost navigating it haha).
    it looks like i have no friends online at the moment, is this a glitch and are you online? because its nearly impossible for me to have 0 friends online due to my 200 person friend list
    Yeah I had that too so I just played a few Dom games and went to bed. Maybe some other time.
    Well we talked to miz and miz said we can do sunday, and i just talked to my partner and he said he can play sometime around noon sunday too so all is well now it seems :)
    sevi's schedule changed, if he can convince miz about sunday aka past deadline, then hopefully we can do it then if that day is ok with you because from what i remember my partner doesnt work that day and morning and noon-ish time should work. i have to talk to him once i get back to canada (in 11-12 hours) but without that if we can convince miz would sunday work for you?
    He only get back to play at 9eastern (8central), and sevi isnt able to make 5 central because he works from 5 to something i cant remember but he gets on at about 11 central usually
    My mom told me im leaving on saturday not sunday, but i get back on friday, or the deadline that is, so hopefully we are allowed to play it on that day, would you be able to play friday next week?
    I tried installing sc2 on my lptp but it didnt work, not enough memory/video :/ Is there any chance youd be able to make tonight at 11pm central?
    my teammate is working at that time sadly, and the only time sevi can do thats not mornings is 11pm-12am central. next week i am gone to the states where i wont have access to sc2, and i leave sunday i think it was. im going to see if i can install sc2 on a laptop but i dont know if it'll work or if the connection there will be able to hold it, but worst case scenario i'll have to try (but i dont want to resort to it because there is a high chance it wont work), but the only time we were able to figure out that everybody can do (excluding you that is) was 11pm central. if that time really doesnt work for you then idk :(
    non-related - the images you have on your flickr are fucking amazing.
    related - Would you be able to make tomorrow at 11pm central?
    Nooooo sevi we talked about this we cant do it that early my teammate works @ that time, i thought we said 11pm central during that 1 hour time window sometime this week when you can... though whitesock, what times do you/can you play? if anything can you do 11pm central?
    I updated my webpage with a few of your thoughts in mind. Thanks for the help. Any more you can give would be appreciated!
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