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  • I do have the galaxy editor for my mac.

    There is a bug, but it's not only with the mac. When trying to get the yaw or pitch of a camera, it will always return the 90 or 55 if your camera is past a certain x,y coordinate in the map.

    As far as Mac specific bugs are concerned there is only one that I know of. If you try to display the creep in the editor, the editor will crash. Any structure that produces creep (hatchery, creep tumor, etc.) will crash the editor. There is a fix. if you go to View > Terrain > Show Creep (I think that's the menu progression, it's definitely in View), and uncheck Show Creep, it will remedy the problem. Blizzard said they have already fixed this, but it didn't make it in the latest patch.
    You can use JassHelper. But globals aren't converted and you have to add it to the war3map.j file manually, so it's not really worth it. Your best bet is adding all your code to a text file, placing it in your JassHelper directory, and putting [LJASS]//! import "yourfile.txt"[/LJASS] in your map (this works for Macs and PC and Linux)
    I did the trigger you were having problems with if you still want to use the idea.
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