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  • Oh, thats what you meant =P
    But I also draw, just didn't post anything into the Forums, because they're mostly unfinished or are explicit material =P
    Well nothing too serious, I have followed TheHelper for a long time now, just didn't have an account :D

    I don't know, just want to reach out to more people in the WC3 world. Share experiences, teach others and learn from the better.
    Haha you did?! Seems that I was an inspiration after all with all my documentation :D
    Hey, you seem nice to check out stuff, if you got the time can you look at these?
    Hero Revival
    There are both vJASS and JASS version.

    Thanks in advance and I'll fix Rupture today! :) sorry for being late lol
    Actually I did make one (a hardly-working, incredibly slow one), but I lost the source code somehow, and am unsure where I left my backup.

    In any case, I think I may decide to redo the whole highlighter, using a custom engine (I was using GeSHi before, which was why it was so bad), but that'll most likely happen some time after the holidays.
    I don't even know what Order("Smart") is =P

    But meh, It's recursive. It keeps on looking for "smart" and orders instantly.
    Though, I don't understand what the custom Ability ID is all about =/
    Thanks, but I can't + rep for you.
    Error: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Laiev again.
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