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  • Must say that it looks amazing.
    Haven't had an opportunity to fully test it out, will host it online on our private SA server when I get a chance.
    And well I'll let you know if I find any bugs or have any suggestions.
    Looking for any BETA testers? Keep up the good work.
    lol why do you think i have 2100 posts on here and 10 on the hive... i cant visit it from work which is when i do all my browsing lol...
    actually i was about to ask how its coming along, ill download it when i get home, work computers dont have wc3 :p
    thanks for the link :)

    by the way, is the terrainer you talked about (with GFreak45) still active?

    I want to recruit him to my project :D
    hi, I'm checking out your buff system and I don't get the line: call FireCondition(b), could you explain this to me? Is it used instead of function interface?
    ya i noticed it in that pic that you posted, it looks awesome... i cant wait for you to release it, and that terrainer is pretty epic, i loved his pics of the light engine and asian gardens
    u better be willing to back that up :D...

    it would be EPIC if someone actually removed the wack-ass blizzard ui and made their own, it is possible just hard as F*ck to figure out... seen it done, but that would open a WHOLE new era for playing aos type maps if you could drastically improve the UI
    awww, that sucks :/
    I should be on EU, and was at one point. But now I'm on the American server, it's worth sacrifising 100 ping for better players.
    I remember EU haveing soooo many trolls and feeders :p
    >It'd kick ass all the "problem Jesus4fags?"
    Oh, it will.
    Let's just say WC3 no longer met my needs. ;)
    And that I make the things I make because I need them..

    PS. OT means Off-topic.
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