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  • >Do you have any idea how much that is in South African Rands? ZAR

    A converter I found on google tells me that $800 is around 6200 ZAR.
    Its a ridle. Im in the grade x. Its the first double digit - 1. What is your answer _____
    Well this 1 time this guy though i couldnt host but i tell him i can then i start the game then my mom calls me and i never press a button at the loading screen so the map never started then i got back then just exit the game coz every one leave already the i get a wisper "you fucking Retard" that was funny. Any way i have to get to bed Good Night
    Yea i dont really play on much but if i do its on east and my name is also SharkBait87 there too
    Where do you play and go to view conversation first before you post and doesnt the lag for you
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