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Although many have already noticed I wanted to open a thread here for the administration to see.
The edit functionality seems to be broken. When I click the edit button it just opens a blank window without a text area.

Here's a screenshot:

Edit: But I can still edit when I go to "More Options..."
Maybe this is because of the newest firefox update which I just updated yesterday?
ugh, other browsers? Nah, I rather not edit any posts then do that.
I am getting the same problem too
running firefox on ubuntu
Another problem is when you edit a post with [wc3][/wc3] tags, the formatting screws up and all the indentation is removed.
The workaround to fix this editing problem would be to switch to BB code editor, and then back to Rick Text editor. I've been doing this for over a year now, so I have lots of experiences with editing posts. :D
Just wanna let you guys know that I can now use the edit button again, but only some kind of weird HTML variation.
Maybe Accname has BB codes turned off or something for the parser. Unless that's just a one-time bug, I don't know. I just could no longer lap open my laptop to check this out.
I havent changed any settings with my firefox. So this has to be a changed made by thehelper.
That is caused by the JavaScript for the WYSIWYG editor not loading, for some reason. Either an error or your JavaScript is turned off. I doubt it's the latter, since the forum relies heavily on JS and you probably couldn't use many features if you did have JS turned off.

Now, the error could be seen in the developer console and that would help. However, WYSIWYG editors are pretty complex so I doubt anyone here could patch it up and it's most probably a bug that should be fixed in a newer version of the forum, or the editor, if it's 3rd party. TH, is the forum software up to date?

I am also interested if you guys only get that sometimes or all the time. If it's just some times, then the code must be doing some asynchronous stuff in a wrong way, so it tries to use some stuff before it's ready. If it's all the time, then I'm afraid it's because of the browser.

In Chrome I have never encountered this behaviour on TH.
This happens all the time. And yes, TH said a few updates are due soon.
This behaviour is present since the latest update of firefox.
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  • The Helper The Helper:
    News portal has been retired. Main page of site goes to Headline News forum now
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I am working on getting access to the old news portal under a different URL for those that would rather use that for news before we get a different news view.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Easily done
  • The Helper The Helper:
    https://www.thehelper.net/pages/news/ is a link to the old news portal - i will integrate it into the interface somewhere when i figure it out
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Need to try something
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Hopefully this won't cause problems.
  • Ghan Ghan:
  • Ghan Ghan:
    I have converted the Headline News forum to an Article type forum. It will now show the top 20 threads with more detail of each thread.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    See how we like that.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I do not see a way to go past the 1st page of posts on the forum though
  • The Helper The Helper:
    It is OK though for the main page to open up on the forum in the view it was before. As long as the portal has its own URL so it can be viewed that way I do want to try it as a regular forum view for a while
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Yeah I'm not sure what the deal is with the pagination.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    It SHOULD be there so I think it might just be an artifact of having an older style.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    I switched it to a "Standard" article forum. This will show the thread list like normal, but the threads themselves will have the first post set up above the rest of the "comments"
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I don't really get that article forum but I think it is because I have never really seen it used on a multi post thread
  • Ghan Ghan:
    RpNation makes more use of it right now as an example: https://www.rpnation.com/news/
  • The Helper The Helper:
  • The Helper The Helper:
    What do you think Tom?
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    I will have to get used to this.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    The latest news feed looks good
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I would like to see it again like Ghan had it the first time with pagination though - without the pagination that view will not work but with pagination it just might...
  • The Helper The Helper:
    This drink recipe I have had more than a few times back in the day! Mind Eraser https://www.thehelper.net/threads/cocktail-mind-eraser.194720/

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