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    I saw Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D premiere last night. There has been so much hype and build-up for this movie. And I love these superhero films, so I had high expectations for this. I was surprised when I walked out of the theater last night because the film blew those expectations out of the water.

    If you've never heard of these guys, or you're not a fan of the recent Marvel/superhero trend in films, don't worry. Guardians is not like the other superhero films, and much different from Marvel's usual style. It's a strange and random venture into space, and it succeeds. To sum up, this film is pretty awesome. It's fun, action-packed, touching - a great blend.

    You don't really need any prior knowledge of the comic books to start. The characters (and there are a lot) are introduced and explained briefly but nicely enough for viewers to understand what's going on. From the start (with quite an emotional scene), you begin getting attached to the film's protagonists, one by one as they enter. Even though there are lot of characters, both main and side ones, they are all played well by the cast surprisingly. Even the smallest of characters has some memorable moment here or there. The writing is witty and quick, and paired with the comedic timing from the actors and the directing, this film is honestly hilarious. I haven't laughed this much from a film in quite awhile. Starlord is charming and funny, Gamora is interesting, Rocket is adorable and insane, Drax - who is another surprise, Dave Bautista delivers his lines so well - is just goofy, and Groot steals the show often with his big but simple heart.

    As shown in the trailer, there's a lot of action going on, and it works well. The effects are, for lack of a better word, very pretty at times. Combined with the 3D/IMAX, it fits seamlessly with the film and isn't a bother. The film's a great, fun ride with plenty of intense moments to keep the pace interesting. Of course, that's not to say it's just mindless action. There are a good amount of scenes that will come in and just make you sit back silently, bringing a tear of joy or of sadness. And, similar to its comedy, it doesn't feel forced at all. Everything just fits so naturally, which is why the film succeeds in my opinion. You've got talking Raccoons, Trees, galactic space battles placed in an action-comedy, but it all works.

    All in all, Guardians would place safely as tied for my favorite Marvel movie, next to Winter Soldier. I highly recommend seeing this. You don't need to be a superhero fan to enjoy this.
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    Indeed it was. Its rating is actually increasing, ha.

    I'm so pumped now to see the next one, but that'll be like another 4 years...

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