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    Need help with Jass Spell Code

    misspelled initializer: Noticed because Syntax highlighting would give it a different, non-keyword color. Looked weird.
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    . 2011 signature was wishful thinking: I am me. Advanced gui triggering merged with jass custom...

    . 2011 signature was wishful thinking: I am me. Advanced gui triggering merged with jass custom script calls. Work status too: I quit school. I am a full time war3 mapper now :D
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    Increase The Draw Distance

    Right click Camera 001, select properties, increase far clipping (FarZ) value to 10000.00, Okay.
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    how to detect when a player gains wood

    Events are registered at map initialization, therefore you're erroneously thinking that (Player 1 (Red) Current lumber) will magically update every time. It doesn't - that line of code just means 450 or however much wood you started the game with. Not dynamic. Static. Should really just use 0 as...
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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    I bet "Replace" does not trigger the "unit enters region" event again. That's your problem. Edit: Elaborating: The minions being replaced with enchanted minions in the middle are already inside the region "center" when they are replaced, so technically the new units never entered center - the...
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    Pitlord Deathsound?

    It uses the Kodo Beast death sound. Found it using CascView'ing the sound SLK file "animsounds" in ui\soundinfo. Excerpt from: C:\Warcraft III\!\CascView\Work\war3.w3mod\ui\soundinfo\animsounds.slk Lines 4143-4145: C;X1;Y277;K"PitlordDeath" C;X2;K"KodoBeastDeath.wav"...
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    Stoping building traing unit

    To find out the Order ID of an ability (yes, cancel is an ability), you can make a simple trigger: //JASS is so much nicer: function Grab_OrderID takes nothing returns nothing call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,I2S((GetIssuedOrderId())))...
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    Stoping building traing unit

    Send it this command: 0x000d0008 call IssueImmediateOrderById(Building,0x000d0008)
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    Opening Map Problem

    I never Daved a gamecache before... Blizzard accidentally (or purposefully) removed that function (called Game Cache - Save Game Cache) from the world editor's GUI. No GUI maps which used SaveGameCache can be opened now. Solution:Write a complaint (in email) to blizzard. They'll fix this...
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    How can i protect my map? +REP

    Hi, I'll expand my protection guide with info on how to use Vexorian's Map Optimizer. I didn't know it was hard to use. Thanks to Beetlebomb for linking my site, and thanks to Julian4life for pointing out that not everyone knows instantly how to use new programs. --3ICE (The update will be...
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    Mathematics - Functions

    Re: whatever :D A quick review: Poke button: I learnt a new thing too! THX for the Modulo :D
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    Show a timer window to only one player

    W.E. Bug! :D Damn pesky World Editor Bugs :D The following two triggers don't work for multiplayer. It works fine for red, but the rest of the players don't see the actual time countdown. function x takes nothing returns nothing //locals local timer T local timerdialog...
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    Unit Portrait is gone? I need it back.

    >Sooda i have read all tutorials on this site. i know about mpq hacking but i wanted to know if there was a legal way of exporting game interface strings using the w.e. and no, i use the normal w.e i tried weu but didnt need any of it's features. im fine with the normal w.e also: I RESET EVERY...
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    Unit Portrait is gone? I need it back.

    i dont have any custom models in my game. when saying heavily modified i ment to say the strings in game interface. i did not touch any models. i have been working on my problem and did the following: exported all my object data into a file made a new map and imported every object data. now all...