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    You are being tracked.

    Sure, have fun without a phone.
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    Mysterious new HotS unit

    Zerg gameplay are already revolving too much around roach usage, and roaches already got 2 types of upgrades. And take a look at those head and arms, doesn't they remind of Hydralisk ones? Wouldn't it be possible that this is some kind of evolved Hydralisk? Also, this might be some kind of...
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    What are you listening to right now? This is.. Good shit.
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    Mysterious new HotS unit

    It looks like an evolved version of a hellion. Since it's clearly no bio unit, it might be something tier 2ish to assist mech?
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    Patch 1.4.0 announced in PTR

    The problem is that the moment the Infestors unburrow, they will be shelled to death instantly by the siege tanks.
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    Patch 1.4.0 announced in PTR

    Yes, Infestors and Roaches (allthough roaches need an upgrade) can move while burrowed. And I think the problem with that idea is mainly that the infestors will be completely unguarded and an very easy prey for the tanks or maybe some stimmed marines.
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    DOTA (Defense of The Ancients)

    Dota? What kind of game is that? I never heard of it. Care to give an explanation?
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    Diablo Storyline (with videos!)

    Just a thought regarding the Diablo III teaser trailer. From the ending of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, we are not sure what happened to Tyreal, right? He has vanished. He might even have been influenced by Baal by destroying the corrupted Worldstone. Right. Now in the teaser trailer we see...
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    Rant about sevenforums/eightforums...

    What would happen if someone here made an account for you? :o
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    Strategy Strategy Session 3- Might vs Mobility

    I would assume it is because they know they have the superior force, and that they will win or inflict heavy economic damage if they push out. People push when they have the advantage dude.
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    Strategy Strategy Session 3- Might vs Mobility

    What is it you want to point out? You obviously already stated the obvious facts about the mobile armies having mobility, and if you are to win, you have to abuse that mobility? (hurr durr) Else the more immobile will just tear through the more micro oriented mobile armies with ease? What is...
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    Patch 1.4.0 announced in PTR

    I am not sure, but they might have reversed the Neural Parasite change. Check out the news from There is no mentioning of any change to Neural Parasite.
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    New Super Moderator

    Hallelujah! More supremist scums to watch out for! Jokes aside, congratulations tooltiperror. :)
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    Google +

    Your mailbox is full dude!
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    Realm of the Mad God

    I clicked this thread hoping it had something to do with Shivering Isles.. I was wrong!