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    A good and efficient way to deal damage with triggers?

    Ahh, yeah, I see your issue. I encountered that on a project I created years ago; DoT abilities would become OP compared to single target abilities. Another way to do it through data (may be painful) would be to have each damage effect apply a damage response buff to the unit, which has 1...
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    Sent you a convo.

    Sent you a convo.
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    A good and efficient way to deal damage with triggers?

    Again late, but it would seem as though you are overlooking the fact that you can use attributes and buffs to increase damage by a % as it stands. you can set it so a point of "intelligence" increases spell damage by 1%, or strength increases physical damage by 1%. Really, you can turn any...
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    Enfo's Team Survival - Revival startup

    I know this post is oudated, but i sent you a message about it, and a project i have long underway which fits into this category.
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    Sci/Tech Helium shortage prompts scientist's balloon use warning

    Looks like Levon's family business will no longer thrive. Elton John is to blame.
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    Arena Custom Hero Arena (Remade)

    random, thing to add; but I realized that I never posted my SC2 project here. I keep it most up to date on my forum, Though, I truly do not update what I have done often enough. Changelogs are for people who would rather talk than do. Anyway, SC2 CHA is out; called...
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    Environment The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows.

    Lol @Al-Gore. Imagine the feeling of being proven factually wrong after explaining your case to tens of millions of people.
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    World Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal

    Because in America, it is a fact that drugs cause more social and economical problems than alcohol. Ohh wait, I too just made a completely wrong statement. This proves that spending hundreds of millions of dollars on helping addicts and regulating drugs, can accomplish a lot more than tens of...
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    Custom Hero Arena

    Ahh yes, The map is currently published on the NA server, under the name "CHA-Alpha" My account on is Flurgenburg #920 (Originally my brothers account) I will be getting my own account for HoTS though, and be back to Glorn2; so dont want to use up the good map name yet. Also, just...
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    Custom Hero Arena

    Anyone with accounts on the hive or sc2 mapster may have seen this; but I am posting it here also. Need all the publicity I can get... and feedback. Custom Hero Arena: This is a classic hero-arena style map; with a lot of advanced options. That is to say players are spread into 2 teams...
  11. G There... There was an "original" version of the game, released about 6 years ago. It was pretty basic, and terribly imbalanced. With permission, I edited that version of the game for a year. I came to the...
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    I created Custom Hero Arena Revolutions, correct.

    I created Custom Hero Arena Revolutions, correct.
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    Arena Custom Hero Arena (Remade)

    This map is finished, finally. 100%, done. You can download it there.
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    Crime Bank courier van spills money on roadway -frenzied mob takes all cash

    If those folks on wall street were occupying this street instead, they would have gotten exactly what they wanted!
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    Rebel Storm (War based game)

    I agree wholeheartedly with with info part. I have never been too good at getting all of the info into a game. I was thinking of a tips system; but then you would still have to play it a few times before you read enough of them for it to matter. I could do a cut-scene intro I guess; that...