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    Nydus Worm == Force Field

    "In Legacy of the Void, nydus worms are invincible while emerging.[4] The main effect of this change is that workers will no longer be a viable defense against nydus worms." Source: So why not use it as an expensive Zerg Force Field? I mean attack the...
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    Phazey#2314 EU I mainly play a Rogue deck but I'm happy playing others as well
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    Need Help Making Custom Stats

    I would like to point out that the suggestions made by others are excellent If you are any good with the data editor then using the way others pointed out would almost always be better. Not as messy and a lot forgiving on the map (loading times, lag and so on). But if you feel you can't manage...
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    Need Help Making Custom Stats

    Firstly you need to have all the values as global variables in map initialization. Create an array for every stat (radiation x, food x, water x) or create one three dimentional array (stats x, y, z) (might be harder for a beginner). The default values can be 0. The array size / length should be...
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    Potential Team Member

    Do you have any goals or is there anything you prefer to work on? Where do you live (timezone matters ;) ) ? Me and X-maul were / are teaming up. We have not had much time lately but these would be the questions I would ask before teaming up with anyone : D
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    2D Graphics Preview: Need Feedback

    I started my own project as well about a month ago. I am still dealing with logics and I don't really have any experience with graphics ( thinking about OpenGL or SDL for this project, but not sure yet). For the fact that you take time and don't rush it - it's for the best (if it's a side...
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    2D Graphics Preview: Need Feedback

    The graphics are great for their purpose! Keep it up I have a quick question though. Is this for your own project, are you coding the game as well?
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    Back to mapping

    I came from WC3 editor. So did x-maul. It is pretty hard but not impossible. You will be very familiar with terrain & triggers. Any kind of data (abilities, units and so on) is a story of its own. But if you are patient and read some guides, I am sure you will be making progress fast :)
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    Lack of Interesting Maps

    Well, we have to start by defining a quality map. There are a couple of very interesting ideas and executions out there. And on top of it there are endless possibilities compared to lets say the Warcraft III days. This still brings us to the sad part that, I agree, somehow the general feel of...
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    CTF Project. Your help needed!

    Hey! Thanks for testing, Siretu! The capturing problems you saw seem to be only happening when you are the only person on the map : ) I urge you to play a game with us someday : D I actually played with 4-5 random people in the Arcade and got some decent ideas. So right now I am working on...
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    CTF Project. Your help needed!

    The map is live! You can find it under the name of "Havoc" and the uploader is Demtrod! Cheers :)
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    Scoreboard (Dialog) Setup

    Ill try to help explain here. So if you join a game. There are 3 people in the lobby. You are now Player 4. But the game is 4v4 and you decide to change the team. So you go to the other team. Now you are sitting where Player 5 should be, but you are still linked for the Editor as Player 4...
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    CTF Project. Your help needed!

    Thank you very much! :) The Hero Selection is by X-maul. The UI is by me. So it's a compliment for both of us :) Still need testers, though !
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    CTF Project. Your help needed!

    As I stated before, we need more players to see the game in full action. We are ready to betatest this : ) So if you are interested, contact me or X-maul via Private Message, so we could pick a day and time. I would love to do it today/tomorrow/any closeby day. Because after these tests plus a...
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    CTF Project. Your help needed!

    Another update. Map has made huge progress vol. 2. We are actually looking to test this 2v2 soon. The video is delayd until some of the heroes have been worked out : )