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    Adding Killing Quests

    There is an edit button you know.
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    Internet meme TD

    AIDS, etc may not be what you're aspiring towards, but sooner or later - in this map or elsewhere - Locust is going to come into play. Your map's funeral not mine.
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    Internet meme TD

    "I even own the expansion and could make the upgrade at any time. Still not gonna." Well like already mentioned, keeping the map RoC will drastically reduce the functionality and versatility of the map and, frankly, the entire editor. There was a list - not a comprehensive one mind you - of...
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    Detecting if Real is an Integer

    I think so. Because what your method would do is once the .05 makes, say, 6 fall below 6.00 to 5.95 it would automatically reduce it to 5.00 which isn't what he wants. What I see is he wants it to tell him once the number becomes a whole number like so: Each line is after every x seconds. 6.00...
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    Magical resistance debuff

    That one has an icon though so it'd show up in the unit's UI =(
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    Magical resistance debuff

    Dunno if that would work. If it behaves anything like Doom does if you level it, then you'd be better off having multiple copies of the same ability instead. There was a thread around here about abilities that don't play nice when leveled, but I forgot to bookmark it ^^;
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    AoS Jungle Destruction

    He could look at DarnYak's Eve of the Apocolypse (Damn spelling...) since it is a pretty huge step away from the norm when it comes to AoS IMO. I hear some people say it's just a DotA clone, but 10 to 1 says those people never actually TRIED EotA. I do not think DotA has four different maps to...
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    send created units

    Place an invisible dummy unit where they spawn. Spawn Monsters Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds Time - LevelStart expires Conditions Actions Countdown Timer - Destroy (Last created timer window) Unit - Create 5 MonsterType[Level] for...
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    Help With Making My Map

    Sounds like it. The all caps and redundant shouting isn't helping his case any either. Frankly I think the main problem he is having is he's trying to start a project that's beyond his current abilities. Take a look at his previous thread on a triggered blademaster spell. He's trying to run...
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    Bladestorm ability idea (for Blademaster dont worry)

    How to enhance spells or create new ones with triggers: How to make formations like you asked: Hope you brushed up on your geometry hot stuff! xD
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    Auto target hero

    Which is why I said joining a clan/group is more likely to net you players to have fun with. Plopping a random map into the default list will get you s**t regardless of how amazing the map is or how well known you are. Joining a group at least you can restrict the amount of idiots and bots that...
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    Auto target hero

    Next you have to realize NO ONE PLAYS RoC ANYMORE. Triggers are way out of date, many units not available (LOCUST!!!) and... I could go on. There are still plenty of people who do stuff other than DotA, but if you just hop into a random channel and then hope for a specific game it likely isn't...
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    Abilitiy ???

    Smiley spam is so wonderful aren't it? :P *ahem* Agrees with WayTooShort, though he could have used more friendly language in wording it (Sucks is fine. Sucks balls is going a little far. Watch out for -rep dude)
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    What do you think about my map?

    Doubt there is AI (A simple one ordering the enemy heroes to Attack-Move to a location and using a simple AI Editor setup would suffice for me) and I don't use so I can't test it. Terrain looks "decent" for a concept stage but not worth keeping for a final release. Moar doodads plz.