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    Fixing old maps to work with Patch 1.24

    Most of these maps contain the return bug. I wrote a program to find return bugs and instructions on how to fix them here: If there's a specific map you want fixed, post it and I'll do my best.
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    Want to make an RPG?

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    Want to make an RPG?

    I think it is - I won't play games if the terrain looks terrible. Anyways, I've started working on something else, continuing a game the maker quit from. The terrain's already beautiful there. So, this can be closed.
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    Want to make an RPG?

    What can I start with? I'm looking for a terrainer after all :\ I programmed a few systems: leveling, SP, backpack, and job up. I guess I can post those if it would convince someone o.o. I'm not going to devote a bunch of time if no one's going to help me.
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    Want to make an RPG?

    Ok. Obviously no one does. Can this be deleted?
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    Want to make an RPG?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to make an RPG. The problem is, after looking at others' terrains and map, I realized just how bad I am at it. I'm looking for someone who can do terrain and can make ideas with me. I'm a programmer, and will code. Is anyone interested? I'm open to any idea at this...
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    Decay Speed of Units

    Not for specific units, however the decay speed of all units can be edited through gameplay constants.
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    Looking for people to do a map with me

    The map is going to be based on Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Reason being, this used to be one of my favorite games because of all the stuff on the side. While I know that LoZ systems aren't very suited to WC3, I already have a system for jumping, arrows, hookshot, skullhammer, bombs, and...
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    Anyone wants to make a map with anyone?

    I'd be interested in working with you. I'm good at coding but can do others (objects and terrain)
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    Setting which unit shops sell items to

    Have you just disabled the icon only or removed the ability? Maybe you could use the Unit -> Force Unit To Use Ability On Target (Or whatever it's called) and force the shop to cast Select Hero on the haro.
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    Help me with an animation

    All animations have some time - walk may be like 1 second or so. (Probably less, but I'm just guessing) so if you have it loop every 0.5 seconds (for example) only half of the walking animation will get executed. I did this when I looped an attack animation, you have to have a wait for however...
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    One Vs. One Undead Vs. Human?

    This is what I do. I'm not a very good player, so your choice whether to listen or not. I go fiends with fast expand and the hero with storm bolt. Creep with one fiend and skeletons as soon as you get the items (a green spawn). At 4-5 fiends, take the gold mine creeps and cut fiends to get a...
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    I´m searching for some good maps!

    If you want an rpg where you can catch and raise units, try Monster Master RPG.
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    Monster Master fusions?

    Here you go. Full fusion list. Here is tier 2 list. Tier 3