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    Defense OMFG! 1 Billion Ghouls!

    What do you mean by X-maul? The game i've designed isn't like a traditional TD where you defend to stop reaching a goal...
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    Defense OMFG! 1 Billion Ghouls!

    Hey guys/gals Been away for quite some time, and took some time out for family commitments, just become a foster carer, now everything has settled down at home, im coming back to finish off this project. I dont believe i need a terrainer to give much input into it, as 2bh the...
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    Robot Wars coming to Star Craft 2!

    Hey please dont take this the wrong way, i never played the original robot wars map, but im assuming that this is based from the Robot wars gameshow? If that is the case, i never saw any robots using spells. My idea of a robot wars custom game, would be to start off with a basic robot, build...
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    Upgrading from Vista 64bit to Windows 7 64bit

    Thanks, so basically boot from CD follow instructions. How about games such as Starcraft 2? and Internet settings and personal documents, will they all remain and now be attuned for Windows 7? Or would i need to re-install the games.? and set everything else up again? Thanks.
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    Upgrading from Vista 64bit to Windows 7 64bit

    How hard is it? Im not a complete wizz at computers, and i dont have a complete list of the hardware i have, but im managing to play Starcraft 2 and crysis on max settings, whilst running on Vista 64bit. But i was told that Windows 7 is soooo much better than vista, and would if installed...
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    Diablo 3 Map Editor

    I would pay silly amounts of money to have diablo 3 with an Editor. Take a look at Titan Quest and its Expansion Immortal Throne. A great game set in the mythical Greek Period, almost identical to Diablo 2, apart from a few things that make it a bit unique, but a very fun game still. And...
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    First Person Shooter...

    There are a few FPS, TPS out there. just do a quick Google search or youtube search, See what you can find. give it a couple of week to a month and you will find some really high spec FPS. Cant wait.
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    How good is the campaign?

    No dis-respect to you. but where the hell did you here all this nonsence? If everyone listened to what other people said, and then never found out for themselves then, My god what a boring place this world would be. I can clarify that the Campaign for me, is one of the best Campaigns I've...
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    Attack Move?

    Just to note, This trigger works perfectly. Thanks again +rep
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    Uninstalling Beta Question

    If you go through the uninstall procedure it will remove everything to do with Sc2 Beta aslong as it is stored in the directory where you installed the Beta. So in other words, all data including the beta that is found in the Sc2beta folder on you're computer will be deleted, Including the...
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    New Project. Movie Based.

    Hey guys/gals. So i've been thinking about what I could start work on once I have my hands on the Retail version instead of this beta. And i've come up with a project, which is based on a well known Film. I dont want to give to much details on what the movie is, at this...
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    Attack Move?

    Hey Dave, nice to see you've got the Galaxy editor :D Nice one.
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    Attack Move?

    So it would look something like Issue order entering unit with point target region 002 to attack?
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    Attack Move?

    ok so im wanting to create units in a region, then when said units enter region they attack move to a certain point/region on the map. How do i go about doing it? I had something similar in War3 Event Elapsed Game Time 2.00 seconds Condtion Action Create 1 unit at region 001 for...
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    How do you guys have the editor already?

    mines working fine, i wasnt online at the time it went down. And not had any verification msg either. Wierd. Must be that the people who still have it are the 'Special' people haha