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    What are you listening to right now?

    Finns do make some good music, however Ive never really liked the kind of stuff like Turmion Kätilöt. Something like this is more like me, really.
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    vB 4 Upgrade

    I came back and everything had changeded. Whoah. Whats happening around here anyways?
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    Heart of the Swarm ending leaked.

    You saying they know they cant write a good story so they "leak" some terrible fake ending to make their real story look better?
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    Heart of the Swarm ending leaked.

    I watched it because WoL made me to loose my faith on Blizzards game story writing and I guessed that there is nothing worth of being spoiled anyways.
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    Heart of the Swarm ending leaked.

    But people get bored so easily. Thats why they do all kind of cataclysm thingies and change the world and stuff. Exploring new thingies is an important thing in this kind of rgp games. WoW has been a huge succes. Being able to start again from the scratch, improve stuff that worked...
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    Heart of the Swarm ending leaked.

    I knew they are gonna take that road. Its world of starcraft being prepared, gentlemen.
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    Starcraft Storyline (with videos!)

    You should probably add some links to Magic´s wonderful Starcraft and Broodwar script commentaries. Good stuff for those who wanna check some stuff about the story without having to play that stuff over again.
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    Star Battle.

    Looks like a hell of a cool map. I just hope they add some more big ship-like mechanics for movement, like slow turning and slow acceleration and stuff like that. And cool special abilities. And make new weapons to be visible attached actor turret thingies, so you can have more cannons that...
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    Post a Replay - Receive some feedback! [ZERG]

    Lings and spines is probably best for your economy. Spines are pretty powerfull and only cost one larva which is huge for your economy. Queens can heal them. They dont even become useless later, because you can move them to defend your other expansions. Lings need to get surround to be...
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    Archi - Sacred Step

    I saw your maps in Team Liquid. Pretty cool looking stuff indeed. I liked the one with ruined battle field theme or something.
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    GSL Open Season 2

    Oh Nada failed us bad. And he had such a great body....
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    Post a Replay - Receive some feedback! [ZERG]

    Using few spines to defend expansion is juts way better for your economy than only expanding after getting loads of lings&banes. Let me explain you why: Its because of larva mechanics. The key of strong zerg economy is that when expanding and teching you never make more units that you...
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    Post a Replay - Receive some feedback! [ZERG]

    You dont need units before expanding and saturating. Just good scouting information, so you can react when the push comes. Always have one or two lings outside of enemy base. Screw the watch towers and go as close with your scouts as you can. It buys you some very precious seconds for...
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    Post a Replay - Receive some feedback! [ZERG]

    How can zerg have too much gas? Never really been in 1v1 situation where I got low minerals and loads of gas.
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    Post a Replay - Receive some feedback! [ZERG]

    Havent played sc2 for ages now. Havent played anything actually. :/ Hrm, might watch you replay later maybe, though.