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"Blizzard Entertainment®, Inc. is proud to announce the very first Blizzard Convention, to take place on October 28 & 29 in Orange County, California. BlizzCon™ is a celebration of our Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® franchises and the players who have helped make them so popular around the world. Attendees can look forward to a variety of events, including participating in question and answer panels with the developers of World of Warcraft® and StarCraft: Ghost™, playing Blizzard games live with friends, and watching the world's best Warcraft III and StarCraft pro-gamers compete in the BlizzCon Invitational tournament."

Further details and information about ticket sales will be posted in the days ahead on
I wish blizzard wasn't in califonia. I also wish that because they have a job where you just test world of warcraft all night and day and get paid for it.
ROFL, they do. Just about anyone who releases a game will hire people to test it, or pay their employee's extra to test it over and over again for awhile. They have to find those nasty little bugs and stomp em ;) What better way then getting some shmuck from down the street to test the game while you're busy with more important tasks?! :D
Lmao, Panda, move to California (with me :D) and look at their site. The most recent testing position was called 'Night Shift game tester' or whatever. I would probably prefer to be a level designer myself, but whatever :)
Yes, I knew there was a job and I wanted to take it since I need money.
YE!! OC (thats were I live :D) W00t!

ALEXANDER it is not the time for you to stalk me... after *maybe* :p
Sorry double post...

OMG freakin tickets are $120 not even counting taxes..
Ok im not going.. lol

And its mostly about WoW, nothing about ladder games or anything... I guess its dead..
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