Crime Japan man stalks toll-free line to hear woman's voice


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Yeah, pretty weird alright, but I've heard worse. :p

Read what I just wrote, and how can you say it all came from Japan? Just because it originated in Japan or has the Japanese drawing style does NOT mean that it originated there. And even if it did, so what? I'm sure plenty of odd sexual fetishes have emerged in other areas to, be it the ideas of Bondage or S&M.
Don't be so offended. You do know you're arguing with 13 year olds.


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ScarletBlade said:
Notice **alot** That's why I didn't say all :p Most likely alot of the sexual fetishes and shit originiated elsewhere as well, googled it, didn't put in much research but around 80% which is still quite a bit, that's why not all.

I was talking about the anime, hentai and shit, lulz. That's where I was getting alot of Japan (NOT ALL) being perverts xD
13 year olds with Hentai? :thup: You're the pervert!

Just remember this:
Not all anime/manga/hentai/whatever stuffs are from Japan, so it's not correct to say Japanese are perverts.

Perverts -> with Hentai
Japanese -> source of Hentai
Japanese -> Perverts?

Anyway, I say it is not fair to compare toll-free call with buffet.
You have limited stomach, but unlimited days to call, like tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, etc.


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Shrooms, you mistake me for Break and Omu... Shame... (Know shrooms from Bnet) And, if i'm 13 I guess shrooms is a meth addict... xD He might be, doubt it.

All I am trying to say is Japan mainly lets out about 80% of the Anime, Hentai, Ecchi etc. So it's basically like the post above mine. I'm just terribly at explaining things... :banghead:
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