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Tell me how can i make a trigger to make a model do a ability move on no one jost do it like doing it on wind ^^?
If your unit has a certain spell, for example carrion swarm, then
you: order unit - cast spell carrion swarm.

But what about a location? well save the point of ability being cast as a location variable
and now it becomes: order unit - cast spell carrion swarm at location (whatever your variable was)

While this will work, note that when you store a location into a variable you create a memory
leak that will build if this trigger is used over and over and will eventually cause your map
to lag.

Ultimately, ultimate11 is right, you do have a lot to learn, but that's what theHelper is for,
experiment with triggers and if you don't know what a trigger is ask, we'll do our best to
explain it to you:)
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