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    Buying a laptop

    Alright, i havent bought the laptop yet incase anymore deals would pop up, and I've found nothing comparable to this: Until i looked at bestbuys site (hush i hate them too) and found this...
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    Buying a laptop

    But like I said, I won't play many more games than wow/lol so I'm not looking for something that will have to play something like crysis. Unless getting the i5 over the i3 will increase my fps on wow by a fair amount, I'll probably stick to the i3
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    Buying a laptop

    Well the overheating gateway thing just seems like a personal thing :P And I rarely ever buy newer gem games, the not recent being mercs 2, otherwise I just borrow from friends, I honestly only play, and will play WoW and LoL oftenly, that's how I consider myself somewhat of a "gamer", and I...
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    Buying a laptop

    Thanks, I've narrowed it down to the less expensive ofthe 2 Acers, and the Gateway, the only difference being the Gateway having .14 more gigs, and 180 more GB of hdd, so one more question: Would spending that extra ~80$ really be worth it in the long run? Also: I noticed on the specs for the...
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    Buying a laptop

    tl;dr: new laptop, which of 3 below is best for gaming Well my sister is buying my current desktop from me, so using the money I'm buying a laptop. I'll be using the laptop for some gaming, however the games wouldn't be that intensive (WoW, LoL, CoD, Mercs 2, Bioshock), as well as schoolwork...
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    BSOD, slow computer

    They're all under 60. During the prime95 test though, the system went above 60, varying from 63-69 degrees; but everything else still was under 60
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    BSOD, slow computer

    I recently have gotten the BSOD for the first time ever while playing Wc3, i booted up a program ive been using for months/years and upon doing so, got the BSOD for about 3 seconds, before my computer restarted, so no i couldn;t read it in time. Afterwards, my computer is now VERY slow on...
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    Another Crash/Drop Hack

    Wut Hacks like this seem to be created pretty fast, considering the patch wasn't very long ago. Why can't blizzard fix the issue just as fast...
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    Plague Quarter & Season 7 Ending!

    Downed first four bosses 10m with pug. School monday-friday, piano lessons monday night, religion tuesday, Guitar thursday. Friday hang with friends all day afterschool, thursday with the girlfriend, sunday with family or just relaxing usually; like i have time to actually raid other than pugs...
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    Need to find a nice tea flavour

    Earl Gray, with sugar and milk.
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    Dvd-r to computer; cant get files?

    Well i copied files from an SD to my computer fine, so i can put files onto my computer. I'll try running an anti-virus, but i dont see what that'll do, brand new disk when i recorded it, no way i could of gotten a virus on it. Well where would i find the files to copy them? I cant open the...
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    Dvd-r to computer; cant get files?

    So me and my friends recorded some videos for a school project due tomorrow on a dvd-r disk. I'm now trying to rip the files onto my computer to put them into movie maker to, well, put them together. The problem is, nothing is able to rip them; and i also believe one of the scenes is...
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    PM me your email and I'll send you an invite And if you're reactivating an old account or starting a new one; theres two different invite-things.
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    School Romances: Good or Bad?

    Short answer: In the middle; yes if they arent one of those people who have 3-5+ "relationships" a school year. Long answer (Incoming wall of text): Yes and no. In my school, the majority of people who have "relationships" have just started talking to the other person or met them a few days...
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    Is 2012 true?