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    Team thn

    Howdy my fellow THers. Since I preordered myself a copy as well, I'll join the wagon: Battletag: Dino#2897 Region: Europe
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    Crime Woman Accuses Man With Arabic Name Of Terrorist Plane Threat After He Dumps Her

    What a b*tch Also, gotta love that thread emoticon :)
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    Would you donate an organ to a stranger?

    You could have a lung cancer and still have healthy kidneys, right?
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    Would you donate an organ to a stranger?

    ^ I didn't know you can donate lungs. How are you supposed to breathe with just 1 lung? OT: I would never donate any of my organs if I were alive and completely healthy. If I knew I had a deadly disease (or was already dead), then I would donate it. Basically, I would donate my organs to...
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    Sci/Tech Player's stunt in BF3 game goes viral as 5 MILLION people watch his daring stunt!

    That's even more awesome :eek: It's insane how he calculated how much it'll take the rocket to reach that plane.
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    Sci/Tech Woolly mammoth to be brought back to life from cloned bone marrow 'within five years'

    And call it Manny. :) This is indeed fascinating. We don't need a time machine, we can bring the history to us instead.
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    Can a spell based on a region be MUI?

    use random coordinates instead they will always be faster than regions/points, though they aren't very accessible in GUI :/ take the coordinates of the caster and then just add random x and y you can also make a circular effect, by using polar projections in this case you should use random...
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    Gaming Under pressure, Blizzard Entertainment may unveil Titan in October

    "Titan" seems to be a Sci-Fi MMOFPS. Why do they think they'll succeed with it? There are countless FPSes and considering Blizzard is new to this genre, I'm pretty skeptic about it tbh. But then again, it's Blizzard. And they never failed to succeed with any game.
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    General As the crowd roars, cage fighters aged 8 and 9 do battle

    Tbh I don't see any problem with this, except it may make kids more violent when they grow up (but we just have to wait and see). The parents aren't forcing the kids to fight, the kids like doing it. Actually when you think about it, it's much higher chance that your kid will get hurt/killed...
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    Statistical Poll: Toilet Paper Orientation, over or under? (Pics!)

    Oh, well that makes sense. :rolleyes: Hope you guys are cool now.
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    Statistical Poll: Toilet Paper Orientation, over or under? (Pics!)

    What the... Voted for over orientation. I guess there's a lesser chance that the whole toilet paper was touched if it was over-oriented. But seriously, why would you make a poll about this?
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    Corpse Explosion Request

    Make it a point target spell with a small AoE and then pick a corpse within it through triggers. Pretty sure you can detect a dead unit's max hp, so no need for storing it in variables. @NIP ninja-edited :D
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    Does this leek?

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    Sci/Tech More than 50% of Parents Use Facebook to Spy On Their Kids.

    my parents don't use facebook :shades: I don't have nothing to hide anyway though it annoys me when I see my mother reading my Skype conversations -.-'
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    hiding GUI in game

    Test Events Player - Player 1 (Red) skips a cinematic sequence Conditions Actions Cinematic - Turn on letterbox mode (hide interface) for (All players): fade out over 0.00 seconds this will hide all the buttons, portraits, icons and the minimap it's the best you can...