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  • You didnt ditch the project ^^, you just took some time off, as expected :D , and you dont need to re-join,cause in fact,this project belongs to both of us :) ,well i sent you the latest map with the Priest class added , i gave the Warlock class to Ayanami now expecting an answer from her wether she's gonna start working on it or not :) , as for yourself , pick some class to do and have fun :D , just lemme know when you're done, and send me the latest version back, ill need to make some minor modifications afterwards :)
    Ayo :) Dino man , Dirac did the Priest for me, it got the Smite,Binding Heal,and Flash Heal spell that needs the casting bar :D , could you do it for me please? Like you did with the mage that blue casting bar :D
    lol , no one asked to you to make spells strictly everyday , and i kept repeating the sentence " No rush,whenever you feel like making . " , but i understand, i know whats it like when you get tired :) , peace
    You know what, I could use some trigger help, too :)

    Like how to spawn doodad barriers in 5 random regions out of 6. And then how to run other triggers based on which regions were chosen to spawn barriers in.
    I know Warlock, so if you can, indeed, do advanced skills you can do all the skills and abilities in the map if you want :) (although I'll be adjusting some of the stuff you make as a final editor to make the skills more theme-appropriate and gameplay-various)
    Man the hero you made at contest has a problem with his ultimate skill. The throw angle must be +85-90 degrees from the angle of caster-to-target just right before it is thrown. This is physics ;D
    yeah xD
    I was seriously thinking about it, but soon life became utterly boring without a "source of entertainment" ^^
    Good to see that =)

    I said it besides that it was funny because you havent checked your falcon punch and necro walker threads.

    "Back on spell making" What are you working on?
    hey, i've downloaded your Energy Field spell... i tried changing the values of casting time and animation of the spell but it errors and gets disabled... so i tried not messing with the spell, and copy pasted it to my map, and it errors as well.. why?
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