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  • how to spawn doodad barriers in 5 random regions out of 6. And then how to run other triggers based on which regions were chosen to spawn barriers in. ?

    I sort of have an idea in my head,its still all blurry,but i think i can manage that , still need help with that?
    sorry dude but I'm already involved in someone else's project (as a spellmaker) :/
    I'm not sure, maybe lack of interest. I mean, it is stickied, so locking it really wouldn't do that much. Heh, you called my (almost) bad decision :) .
    starcraft II is upon us. Prati mi nqkakuv facebook ili e-mail 4e e grehota da se 4uvame tolkova rqdko.
    zvu4i dosta dobre. Az puk sum tipi4en teen: Intriga sled intriga, gre6no sled gre6no momi4e i mn ama mn drami. Hubavoto e 4e za razlika ot pove4eto teen-ove na moqta vuzrast az moga da mislq trezvo :d
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