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    Help me to stop disconnecting from WC3

    Not exactly a world editor question, so I figured I'd post here. I keep disconnecting from Warcraft 3 after seemingly random amounts of time in a specific map called Full Metal Alchemist 6.2. I've tried resetting and reinstalling the game multiple times and the issue isn't my internet...
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    Can't open World Editor at all

    I have collected several legal copies of Warcraft 3 over the years. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. For some reason the world editor just stopped working. When I try to load it, nothing happens. I've tried running as admin. I'm using Windows 8, but the world editor did...
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    Editing map called "Horde vs Alliance" screwed my world editor

    Opened this map up to toy around with it. At first, I had to open up an imported document in excel attached to the map in order to do anything with the object editor. This worked a while without blowing up my world editor. Eventually, one day, when I opened the map, all of the custom object...
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    How to change map size of an existing map?

    I know I have done this before, but cannot remember how for the life of me. Scenario > Map Size and Camera Bounds is not letting me increase the size of my map. And no, I'm not talking about increasing beyond 256x256. My map is currently 128x128 and needs to be increased.
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    Game freezes when giving gold to player.

    It's a seemingly pathetically simple trigger. However, the very -moment- a unit with this Pillage ability attacks something, the game freezes, and I am positive that this simple, innocent looking trigger is somehow to blame. It'd be one thing if this somehow leaked, but freeze the game on the...
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    How do I make the "Damage Target" function ignore armor and deal exact damage?

    1: I've tried making it deal damage using both "spells" and "chaos" as the damage type. Neither of them deal the full amount and get their amount of damage reduced by the target's armor. Most actual spells in the game ignore armor, and I would like my custom triggered spells to do so in the same...
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    Creating and removing the same variable at the same time in 2 separate triggers...

    I just want to know if this leaks. I already have my suspicisions based off the lag in my map, but I'd just like a confirmation. If you're wondering how this happens, it's with a good deal of periodic event triggers with the same timer/multiples of the same timer.
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    Help with game crashing circle spell

    The actual spell the dummies cast is indeed Chain Lightning, forgive me for failing to clairfy. It just doesn't bounce around and has the finger of death graphic. I'm honestly not all that keen on the custom scripts though - all I use custom scripts for in my own personal triggering is just...
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    Help with game crashing circle spell

    My current spell works fine in-game outside when cast, but sometimes crashes the game for some ungodly reason. What it does is create 15 dummies around the target that cast Finger of Death on them, as well as spawn a dummy that does a Thunder Clap. When the crash happens, it's -after- the finger...
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    Kill Message System that detects owner of killing summons/dummies

    Most kill message systems are simple due to only taking into account if the killing unit is also a Hero, but I have a good deal of summons and dummy casters in my map that triggers like that would ignore, which I want to take into account. Keep in mind that each player can only have 1 Hero in my...
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    How to detect the target unit of an item?

    I've tried just ignoring the item and making triggers that react based off the ability of the item, but they don't seem to register the ability being cast at all. On the other hand, while you can detect what unit is using an item through "Hero Manipulating Item", I can't find any field that I...
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    Hide Shop -instantly- upon buying item

    I'm curious if there's any way I can hide a shop when somebody buys an item before they have enough time to buy another item, as the trigger doesn't execute instantly. I have enough time to buy the same item twice, which causes amy trigger that executes when the item is bought to execute twice...
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    Mountain Giant's Alternate Model - White Tree

    I have my map set up so that the mountain giants are like the Troll Berserkers - after you research a certain upgrade, the unit transforms into a different one, in this case just the Mountain Giant with his War Club. However; the Mountain Giant's tree is pure white and featureless. I've tried...
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    Killing Dummies attached to Trees when they die

    My spell is based off the Sentinel ability, and a trigger places two dummy units at the tree who autocast essence of blight/spirit touch, healing people who get near. This all works fine, but for the life of me I can't find a way to kill these dummy units when the tree dies. Here's the most...