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    Return to Form?

    There was an email
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    Return to Form?

    Now we just need SD_RYOKO
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    Return to Form?

    It is in a similar place as sc2 where modding never quite caught on. I think part of it is that a lot of the people who would get into modding can now just make original games. That said I love dota 2, and would enjoy seeing anything with it on the site.
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    Return to Form?

    Just got the email, said this in the shoutbox. I have not been active, but have strong nostalgia for this site. What if started some leagues and held tournaments for games? Start internally, and find ways for it to grow? The site used to have a good mix of technical knowledge and...
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    US News University bans use of ‘Mr.’ and ‘Ms.’ in all correspondence

    From my experience, nobody uses mr or or ms anyway. Professors either prefer a first names, professor x, or dr x.
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    Hit it with a car: Tea party

    Episode 1
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    Crime Judge Imposes Lifetime Driving Ban On 17-Year-Old Boy

    Why is this possible, while repeat DUI's are still on the road?
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    Report Study: Video games depict religion as violent and problematic.

    To be fair, its pretty much a cliche in a lot of rpgs/jrpgs/fantasy games that religion is evil. Though, off the top of my head it's normally a jrpg thing so we can probably ignore it.
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    Crime Students hack school website to skip class

    But that isn't as entertaining to students (What year were these students btw?)
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    (filmcow)Thats out Robert

    Beware his wacky hijinks.
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    General 'FEAR FACTOR' Donkey Semen Episode Off the NBC Schedule

    Fear factor is still on?
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    Sci/Tech The Pirate Bay Wants You to Download Physical Objects Now

    You wouldn't download a car would you? Then why would you download a printer? (Sorry, I just wanted to make the joke) ' “No more shipping huge amount of products around the world,” according to the blog post. “No more shipping broken products back. No more child labor. We’ll be able to...
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    Crime Megaupload Shut Down on Piracy Charges

    Ya, I used it occasionally. What would be the end result of this? I think hackers call that brute forcing :P
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    General Scholars say our calendar needs a serious overhaul.

    Isn't this what business quarters are for?
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    General Microsoft registers Good Scientist domain names.

    Is there a way to register custom extensions? I honestly have no clue how dns works beyond turning a string into an ip address and vice versa. I probably have that part wrong as well.