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    Closing Program by ESC in C++

    Hey, you =) Note: After reading my post you won't find an answer to your question but hopefully it teaches you somethin' else. Whether you can detect keys (arrow keys, escape, etc.) in C++ doesn't mean anything, this is what the OS and some library will give you when you actually need...
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    c++ simple program giving strange errors...

    >I have no clue why... Well, you could try to use those programs called you know... debuggers. I've personally never had the need to use one (not because I am a guru at programming, no... because I've never written anything "usefull/substantial", I've only been writting little scripts from...
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    Snippet Angles: Cone

    >Want the simplest way to explain what 'cone' means here? Breath of Fire (base skill of Warcraft), you're done. Wait... isn't Breath of Fire an isosceles trapezoid? =)
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    Snippet Angles: Cone

    >Are you asking because you don't know or because you want me to make it more clear? Both =), but I think I get it now even the example (picture), it demonstraites what you've written "Cone(45,0,70)" but I think it would be better if it was even more "obvious": And I think what NoobImbaPro...
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    Mass root, Damage over time trigger

    >The beauty of vJass. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder =) module MassRootDamageOverTime enum mass-root-damage-over-time { int id = 'MRDO' real delay = 0.5 int repeatbase = 4 real rangebase...
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    Snippet Angles: Cone

    NoobImbaPro: The formula checks if A angle is inside B angle +-O degrees. Well, that I can understand unlike '//Determines if the angle "a" is inside a cone of facing "b" with aperture "o"' PS: the trig natives work with radians, GetUnitFacing works with degrees.
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    Snippet Angles: Cone

    Dirac, please use a "common" terminology and/or provide definitions for the terms you use. I mean: Isn't a cone a 3d geometric shape? Perhaps a circular sector might be better? What's an aperture? '//Determines if the angle "a" is inside a cone of facing "b" with aperture "o"' 'a cone of...
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    Sci/Tech New missile capable of destroying enemy weapons at THREE times the speed of sound.

    There's no security. If someone makes something then another one will find a way around it. If scientists were real scientists they would ask themselves "Why do people kill each other?", "What makes war?", etc. They would not be building weapons nor terraforming other planets nor smashing...
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    ExecuteFunc'ing static methods

    This is peculiar. And well in that case call ExecuteFunc("s__<struct_name>_<static_method_name>") and call ExecuteFunc("s__<library>___<struct_name>_<static_method_name>") suddenly seam "reasonable".
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    ExecuteFunc'ing static methods

    tnx! =)
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    ExecuteFunc'ing static methods

    Hm... Maybe I've asked this one before but anyway: How to use the ExecuteFunc native which takes a string, i.e function/static method's name to "execute" a static method? struct STRUCT static method FUNCY takes nothing returns nothing call BJDebugMsg("If instead of ")...
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    Snippet tilems

    >Does this use a timer that expires 32x a second? What else?... nah just 1(TILE_TRANSITION_DELAY) second
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    Snippet tilems

    Requires: Unit Indexer by Nestharus * WorldBounds * Event SpeedMod by Dirac * LinkedListModule GrimexManual (file:///somewhere_on_you_hd/newgen/jassnewgenpack5d/grimext/GrimexManual.html) by PitzerMike A spreadsheet program like Calc After clearing the requirements I will try to...
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    Snippet GetNearestUnit

    >Dear mate, your coding is too ugly.....keep variable names more human. You mean more human-readable? The point of the script was: "Well, actually the fastest way to do it, that I know of would be this:" For whatever/uknown reason Jass2/bytecode or something executes slower with longer variable...
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    System Advanced Unit Transfer System

    Or... just use jasshelper.exe or clijasshelper.exe from the command line, examples: jasshelper --scriponly commonj.j Blizzard.j in.j out.j; // asuming that the command is run from the jasshelper directory and all the files (common.j Blizzard.j in.j and out.j) exist there. wine...