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A MAN has been crucified for the 22nd time in a gruesome Easter ritual.

Devout Roman Catholic Ruben Enaje donned a crown of thorns before being nailed to a cross.

The 47-year-old decorator was the first of 19 men in this northern Philippines village of San Pedro Cutud who underwent the bloody Easter crucifixion ritual, an extreme form of penance by devotees wanting to thank God for answering their prayers.

He missed the ritual once - eight years ago - when he was struck down with stomach ulcers and his wife was taken ill.

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Article said:
He screamed in agony as 18-centimetre metal nails were driven into both palms and feet while lying spread-eagled over the cross.
I don't even know why would people want to be crucified.

22 times?



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I don't even know why would people want to be crucified.

22 times?

Its a extreme form of devotion to your god I gues. You have to be a real die-hard extreme devoted Christian to crucify yourself...22 times!


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Kind of reminds me of a Muslim I met once....
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