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  • well.. that failed (back to school for me..), how about this Friday around 7-8 EST?

    (P.S. - post on my wall so I get some sort of notification, if you post a reply here I don't get any sort of notification)
    We really need some Americans in the Tournament. Got anybody we can bother?
    hi please i need help on our to add Tick to these NetLogo code

    to setup
    set-default-shape turtles "bug"
    ;; randomly distribute wood chips
    ask patches
    [ if random-float 100 < density
    [ set pcolor yellow ] ]
    ;; randomly distribute termites
    create-turtles number [
    set color white
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set size 5 ;; easier to see

    to go ;; turtle procedure

    to search-for-chip ;; turtle procedure -- "picks up chip" by turning orange
    ifelse pcolor = yellow
    [ set pcolor black
    set color orange
    fd 20 ]
    [ wiggle
    search-for-chip ]

    to find-new-pile ;; turtle procedure -- look for yellow patches
    if pcolor != yellow
    [ wiggle
    find-new-pile ]
    Siretu. You can still stack them. It's just that you have to figure out how to do it. I've seen people Muta stack.
    "The article should be around 77% accurate since mutalisks hasn't changed at all from the Broodwar version." I do hope you're kidding. No muta stacking in SC2 is a huge change. At least you can't stack the effectively since they unstack so easily.
    I beleave you are a zerg player. Let's share strategies. Any help on mastering the mutalisk is appriciated.
    Hi! I hope you know who's using this account.
    Clue: The 6th user below this visitor message.
    Please Tignan Mo Muna yung About Me section ko, may link doon, punta ka sa Link. Maganda cyang Render na Nahanap Ko. Baka Kailangan mo sa mga Signatures mo. BAsta tignan mo nalang, including kung sino ung Nagpost ng render. Gwapo cya hehe (joke lng)
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  • jonas jonas:
  • jonas jonas:
    Is the school system in your country similar to Chinese school system? I could never imagine being a teacher in a Chinese school, what's expected of students and teachers is just so different from what I'd be looking for as a teacher
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    A Levels is based on the UK syllabus offered internationally. So the syllabus is similar throughout different countries, taught in english.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    I can't speak or write or read much chinese... Too difficult....... Which also makes my life here in china a lil difficult.
  • jonas jonas:
    Oh, I see. I thought Chinese version of A-levels :D
  • jonas jonas:
    I've been using the translate app a lot on my phone. take a photo, translate. take another photo, translate again :D
  • jonas jonas:
    it also has voice translation, my colleagues sometimes use that
  • jonas jonas:
    You came during the 0 covid policy right? How'd you get through quarantine? Did you have some help with the apps and green codes?
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    If you have any Chinese you need help with, let me know.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    @jonas Those were the things I did too. Translate app and VPN are always the most important things to have to survive. Lol.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Yea I came last year. I was quarantined for about 30 days. Fml. The first day of my quarantine was the eve of Chinese new year last year. Fml again... Lol.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    @tom_mai78101 IIRC you're from Taiwan right.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I thought China had cracked down on having any foreign teachers?
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Yeah I've heard of the news before. My school is still actively hiring foreign teachers. Not sure how things work now.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    yeah it is hard to get reliable information about that kind of stuff
  • The Helper The Helper:
    but you are doing it so it is still doable
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    I think it doesn't affect existing foreign teachers. Then again, its still weird that my school is hiring.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Happy Monday people hope everyone has a fantastic week!
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Happy Monday?! That's a contradiction.
  • jonas jonas:
  • jonas jonas:
    please put this in the news section, it's crazy
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Technically, you can post in the Headline News. Just posted your news there.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    I'm not aware of you not being able to post news.
  • jonas jonas:
    I think technically I can I just forget how

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