US News Protesters Holding Nazi Flags, Shouting ‘White Power’ Line Disney World Entrance

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Protesters gathered at one of Disney World’s main entrances near Disney Springs, waving Nazi flags and shouting as vehicles passed them on the street.

On Saturday afternoon, protesters congregated at one of the main entrances to the Walt Disney World Resort property in Central Florida. Rioters waved Nazi flags bearing the swastika, widely recognized as the symbol of the Nazi Party and used by neo-Nazis as well.

Protesters also held up signs and flags that read, “DeSantis 2024,” touting the Florida governor’s newly-announced bid for the G.O.P. candidacy in the 2024 U. S. Presidential election.

“Give us a honk for white power,” a protester is heard shouting into a megaphone in an online video of the demonstration as cars and trucks drive past the Disney Springs entrance at the Most Magical Place on Earth, certainly sullying that magic for passersby and for Guests of the Florida Disney Parks.

In my opinion - the odds of these being real Nazis are very low. The fact that the main news is from a Disney site it is most likely these are Disney hired people in an attempt to slam DeSantis who they freaking hate! People are going to believe this though. I think Disney just got the upper hand.
I'd hope that disney executives aren't so dumb to try something like that.

I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of village idiots following a loser ideology went there and protested a company that made a black arielle. And that they support DeSantis because he's taking on that company says more about them thab about DeSantis. It's not like DeSantis asked for their support.

And of course disney needs to issue a statement that they don't support this protest. Other news outlets may not give too much a crap about a handful of idiots doing what they do.

For me the whole thing is "non news".
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