Gaming Video Game Addicts Concern S.Korean Gov't

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Jun Mung-gyu remembers the throbbing pain in his head and shoulder aches from spending as many as 15 hours a day hunched over a computer keyboard battling his online foes.

"You have no life, you only focus on gaming, putting off everything, like getting a haircut," recalled the 27-year-old Jun, who was able to kick the habit earlier this year though he remains in the milieu, running an Internet cafe in southeastern Seoul.

For others, the addiction has become all-consuming, raising concerns about the health of the millions of gamers in the world's most wired country.

The habit has even been deadly: In August, a 28-year-old man died after nearly 50 straight hours of playing online computer games. The man, whom police refused to identify by name, was moved to a hospital after he collapsed while gaming and died three hours later.

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wow thats heavy.

I was talking about gaming maybe being an addiction only the other day :eek:

Scary stuff, still 86 hours in a row aint bad :D


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Wow, I might love video games, but I would actually have to work at playing them all day long.

Longest I've EVER played a video game was 7 hours straight, and it was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I'm never doing that again, though. lol


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I played Tales of Symphonia for about 12-15 hours sometime last year. And that's not even a quarter of the game. It's on two discs, for God's sake!


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longest for me? tales of symphonia, 3 days straight beat the game front to back.


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AgentPaper said:
longest for me? tales of symphonia, 3 days straight beat the game front to back.
No way, man. I had 80 hours of gameplay on that game when I finished it.

I guess you do less randomly-screwing-around-in-the-game than me, huh?
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