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  • I have looked up your cluste rockets jump spell, but cannot find you demo map. I urgently need a jump spell for a skill i am making, so I was wondering if you could be so kind as to post a link to a demo map with this function. If you make a new map, could you plz post me the link. Thankyou
    Man, help me please i have problem with battlefield 1942 error is this
    Debug: RendTexture: Unsupported texture format DXT3
    i have xp sp2 and dx9.0c, ati radeon 4850 and geforce 8800gt and is not working i tryied with ati no working with geforce no working , what to do ? im w8 for response please
    You are in the chat! You must have come to save our souls from the dreaded Anti-H2I cult.

    Unfortunately, you are too late. Azlier and Heyzeus4Lyfe have already banded together and forced the dreaded patch 1.24 upon the mapping community. God be with us!
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