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It says you have completed 0.91, but the DL link is only for 0.87 ?
Alot more positive feedback, however some players find it difficult or challenging.
I downloaded from my link and it is 0.91 :S

The map might be hard, but i guess that's the fun of it.


I have now changed this in the User CP
Skeleton Race is pretty hard, still working on finding a strategy and testing out though


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With the upgrade for the Skeleton Orcs, it becomes easier. Make 5 and upgrade them when you have the orbs. Try building Skeleton Mages too; they're quite powerful in the early levels.


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Add new patch

Changelog v 0.92
-Unarmored now take 80% from magic and spells instead of 100%

Skeleton Towers:
-Skeleton Orc Range increased from 400 to 500
-Skeleton Orc now gain +orb per 1 kill from 2 kills

-Skeleton Orc King now has Dark Orb
-Skeleton Orc King requires 6 Skeleton Orcs from 5

-Skeleton Mage Range increased from 600 to 650
-Multi Shadowbolt now burn mana 1 per orb to targeted creeps
(Now they can clear wave 26)

-Improve skeleton archer attack animation
-Skeleton Archer attack speed increased from 0.9 to 1
-Skeleton Archer Poisen now does 5 dps instead of 10
-Skeleton Archer, Now poisen can kill
-Skeleton Archer's Poisen now spread when a unit dies in 150 AOE
-Skeleton Archer now has maximum of 2 Orbs
-Skeleton Archer now gain +4 damage per orb from +2
-Skeleton Archer Poisen now last 10 secs per orb From 5 secs

-Skeleton Warrior damage increased from 35 to 45
-Skeleton Warrior splash increased from 125 to 150

-Skeleton Necromancer now gain +Orb per 7 Kills from 10

-Fixed Skeleton Lich Brilliance aura, now It should work even when you have mana fountain
-Add ability to Skeleton Lich [Mini Frost Nova]

-Skeleton Dragon now has 125 Splash damage
-Skeleton Dragon attack speed Increased from 1 to 1.2
-Dragon Myth, Removed 5/s regeneration
-Dragon Myth no longer will be sent to defeated players

-Fixed a bug where skeleton warrior can damage your towers
-Fixed a bug where Dragon Myth is targeted as air
-Fixed a bug where when you lose from bosses you don't actually lose
-Fixed a bug where sometimes when you send a unit it won't be send

-Rapid Fire now give Increased attack speed per attack from 4% to 5%

-Runner now movement speed increased from 3% to 4% per stack

-Demotion cooldown reduced from 200 to 160

-Disabler cooldown reduced from 140 to 100

Sending Units
-Now when you send a unit, you send it to both the enemy instead of 1

-Catabult increased first stock timer


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I will definitely try this out. It looks great, plus I love TD and creep sending games. If I enjoy this (which I probably will) consider yourself to have a beta tester :D. I just need to find friends to play this with D:.

EDIT: Came back from playing it the first time. I was surprised and enjoyed it very much, your sense of TD is very unique and you have a lot of potential to make the next best TD's in the future. Only problem I found:
-Builder continues building after tower is finished

Other things were, I think flame towers are a bit weak compared to a few other towers. I've only tried ordinary builder so far and only tried sniper, flame, and spell tower so maybe it's only because I haven't tried all (will play again with different towers) however fully maxed flame tower deals 5 damage + 5 damage per second over 5 seconds. A total of 30 damage. Meanwhile maxed sniper towers deal 25 damage every second attacking and even more if special is activated. Spell towers (although I haven't maxed) I can assume is also 30 damage, and that's also per second (however mana issue). It's not a bad tower, but its limit to ground units as well makes it a tower I probably wouldn't use in a future strategy. (In regards to using them in massive creep waves, maybe they are worth it then, but I need to test with spell tower).

I would also think it would be cool and singleplayer friendly if you had a trigger so that if players are not in game, destroy their towers and set victory to player 1 after wave x. That way when we lose, it shows defeat instead of continuing on.

Besides that, very good job. I enjoyed wave 11 where the flying units transformed into ground, and wave 15 where the enemies burrowed on the ground. It's not like every other TD where the creeps are bland and simply walk from region to region. Unfortunately I lost at wave 16 :p
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