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Last seen in 2020 that is too long! If you ever come back and read this I just have to tell you - you were right and I was wrong - I was a total dick and I am sorry. Hope you forgive me as I regret that situation immensely - wish I could do it over again. I miss you man!
Welcome NUON fan! Just let me be the one to tell you FIRST! :) First one on your profile. Enjoy your stay.
The Helper
The Helper
You should be able to change the title under your name and also you should have a signature now let me know if that does not work.
One hit wonder I am guessing :) Thanks for visiting the and taking the time to sign up to post. You are a rarity these days :)
I have upgraded your forum membership so you can change the Title under your name to what you want and you should have a signature now. Let me know if this is not working for you. You can change that stuff in your profile.
First to tag your profile :) Whenever you come back you should be able to change the title under username and you should have a signature. If you have a problem with it please let me know.
I gave you the ability to change the title under your username for your profile and you should also be able to do a signature now. If you have problems with this please let me know!
First! I gave you a custom Title (text under your name) and a signature on the forums let me know if you have trouble with it!
First! I set you as NUON Legend you should be able to change that Custom Title if you want and you have a signature now too. If that stuff is not working from editing your user profile then please send me a PM and let me know so I can get that fixed. Thank you so much for getting those Authentication Tools working you are the man!
I changed your forum title since it was a default BS one. You can change the text under your profile name if you want to and if you cannot let me know. I put you as NUON Lover!
Just wanted to be the first to post on your profile :) Cool to see you still checking out the site!