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    Yeah. It's a collectible card game online. It's free to join and pretty fun.

    Yeah. It's a collectible card game online. It's free to join and pretty fun.
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    Urban Rivals

    This is a FanFic I wrote for a contest on Double or Nothing Part 1 “Look, I’m not saying we have to whack him, but we sure as hell can’t let him get up into that ring tomorrow,” Donnie said, grinding his cigar to an ashy pulp. He swirled the ashes around in the tray...
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    General Gary Coleman dies at 42

    Actors of his caliber are in short supply.
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    Internet Dating

    Internet dating is for losers. It may sound harsh but it's the truth. Sack up and meet someone in real life.
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    Crime All Blacks leave the store AGAIN copycat arrested

    Weakkk. Come up with your own jokes kids.
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    Short Story Untitled Horror

    Thanks for reading :D
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    Paramore- Ignorance

    I like Paramore. Also, Hayley is hot.
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    am i going to hell because i like to sleep in on sunday?

    If the Christian God exists as people portray him, I'd much rather go to hell.
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    World 14-year-old dies after exorcism

    It never ceases to amaze me that people in the 21st century still believe in demons...
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    Short Story Untitled Horror

    Thanks, I made the correction story=store. As far as the mutant reindeer etc., that stuff was meant as a joke. As anyone who has ever been to a grocery store before knows, those National Enquirer magazines make up all sorts of retarded shit.
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    Short Story Untitled Horror

    Anyone else who read it have any comments?
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    World South Korean navy ship sinking, North suspected

    Let's just hope the U.S. doesn't bring back the draft and ship us off to fight.
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    Some rules to write good

    I did... That was the ironic humor i was referring to.
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    Some rules to write good

    Aaha WrongVine I clicked this thread with the intention of saying the same thing. As for these tips... I'm not sure what qualifies Lambda to come and dictate how we should write. Regardless, some of these tips are just plain bad. These two tips contradict. Obscene words are part of...