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    Report Those with PCs decreases the risk of dementia in older men by 40%

    Correlation does not imply causation?
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    UK News Pirate Bay must be blocked, High Court tells ISPs

    Broadband providers Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media must block users from accessing filesharing website The Pirate Bay, the High Court has ruled. Mr Justice Arnold said that the process must begin in the next few weeks. It followed his ruling in February that both...
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    Health The healing treatment of using sugar and honey is now making a comeback of 4000 years

    Some honey also contains man-made antibiotics additionally to it's natural antibiotic propertries because the farmers feed the bees antibiotics. Pretty sure that qualifies as irony.
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    Crime New York State Bans Sex Offenders From Online Gaming

    Sex offenders get screwed over pretty hard by US laws nowadays to the point where it's unreasonable. For some reason people just can't get it in their head that if you keep getting 'tougher on crime' you won't have a better society. And that's a fact, not an opinion.
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    Crime New York State Bans Sex Offenders From Online Gaming

    As part of a new initiative dubbed “Operation: Game Over," more than 3,500 registered sex offenders were banned from online gaming. Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman made the announcement today, adding that participants in the program include: Microsoft, Apple, Blizzard Entertainment...
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    Movies (2012) Total Recall

    Thank god. I saw that Nicholas Cage movie a wile ago where he can see two minutes into the future and it pissed me off quite a bit :7 I like movies where they introduce a new concept like that and you see how it plays out (inception-ish). This looks like one of those.
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    Movies (2012) Total Recall

    Please somebody tell me this isn't going to be another one of those 'it was all just a dream' movies :>
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    World Canada Gov't scraps penny, a 'currency without currency'

    Good news I guess. This comparison makes no sense. The government doesn't create pennies so it can spend them, it creates them so there is a currency that can be traded hundreds of times.
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    Gaming Minecraft makes $80 million in 15 months

    oO How did they spend almost 70 million?
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    Crime [Video] Trayvon protesters ransack store

    I still don't get why Travyon is so important. It's not the first time somebody shoots someone else and you're not sure if it really was self-defense.
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    Movies (2012) The Hunger Games

    Well, it's an opinion thing. I just want to adress what you said about 3,4,5. I'm not really complaining about it being unrealistic. I'm complaining about something so important not being introduced before it gets into action. Harry Potter fights Voldemort with magic -> unrealistic but...
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    Movies (2012) The Hunger Games

    I guess all those things make more sense in the book where there is more time to explain and introduce. In the movie all those plot points just felt very cut-off and/or pointless.
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    Movies (2012) The Hunger Games

    Imho it's not nearly as good as most people say. I really liked the atmosphere in the first half but as soon as the competition started it just got stupid and there are quite a few plot holes. There are some plot lines that are introduced but never actually matter. Spoilers for more specific...
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    Crime "Pirating” UK Student to be Extradited to the US.

    So, if somebody in the UK does anything on the internet that is against the law in any country you can get extradited and charged?
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    Sci/Tech Space telescope picks out 'green dot' in a field of stars.

    I always thought infrared isn't green.