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    System Spec for Gaming Laptop

    Thanks for the info guys; it definitely helps!
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    System Spec for Gaming Laptop

    Hey all, So I'm in the market for a new laptop and I want to gear it towards gaming. I need to know what specs to look for to be able to run most games well, but the main game that I want to be able to run at near max setting is Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and it's future expansion...
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    Mortar Ability

    Hey all, So I wanted to make a mortar-type ability, but don't know how to go about it. The ability would go as follows Point-target Fires a projectile (with a lofty arc) at designated point Upon impact, cause AoE damage to both enemy and friendly ground units Also, I would like the...
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    Terrain Objects

    I actually never check in-game and it does, in fact, work. I feel like a fool now, haha. Thanks for the help!
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    Terrain Objects

    Siretu, I actually tried using the hide terrain cells brush, but it didn't do anything. I'm working off a mac, could it be bugged for mac? Is there some setting I need enabled? Also, can anyone offer insight as to why the cliff walls have that raised looking terrain around them?
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    Terrain Objects

    The Valhalla tileset is not a space platform, no. The terrain object I'm using is specific to the Valhalla tileset though.
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    Terrain Objects

    Hey, so I'm having some trouble placing a terrain object on the Valhalla tileset. I know that you need to first lay the proper terrain object in terrain pallet and then lay the proper terrain object doodad. I have an issue though. When I lay the terrain version of the terrain object, the...
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    Allowing only one team

    I'm assuming you realized you could just set it so that there are teams? lol. I'm curious, did my suggestion work?
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    10 kills -> win

    Simple, you need two integer variables, we'll call them Team1Kills, Team2Kills (assuming you have two teams) When your criteria for a kill are satisfied then you increment the appropriate team's variable by 1. Then you check if the variable is >= 10. If it is, declare victory/defeat...
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    Is (Random Integer between x and y) not really random or am I doing it wrong?

    This. A computer is not capable of generating a random number. Instead, what it does is use several fixed seeds (values) and then uses an algorithm to pick a number, which mimicks a random selection. If you know the seed and the algorithm you can accurately guess the number the computer will...
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    Stat Damage Help

    Make a trigger and when you have teh unite deal damage you use the arithmetic function to add the strength of the unit to your set damage value. So: Cause Triggering unit to deal (Strength of (Triggering Unit) + 32) damage of type (Whatever) to (Enemy Unit here)
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    Allowing only one team

    Have all players on a separate team and then when the game starts use triggers to force them to be allies.
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    Life drain with no drain lol

    Base it on channel, and in a trigger have a dummy unit use life drain on the target. Have another trigger to detect if the caster stops channeling and if it does, kill the dummy unit.
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    Can this game message have colour?

    You need to use Hex color codes and concatenate the strings. We need three parts: |cffaabbcc + Your Message Here + |r The first part determines the color of the message The second part is obviously what you want to display The last part is the end to the color. If you leave it out, all...
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    I need help with my custom spell with triggers

    Your problem is that you're using the for loops and the wait in the Unit Group loop. Move the loops and the waits out of the Unit group loop and see how that goes.