Crime Chokehold by Queens deli workers after crispy fries dispute leaves customer on life support

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A customer at a Queens deli is in critical condition on a ventilator after he was beaten and put in a chokehold by workers in a clash over his french fries not being crispy enough, police sources said Monday.

Two workers at Pickles & Pies Food Market & Deli in Rockaway Park have been arrested for felony assault — and prosecutors say the deli’s surveillance cameras were tampered with in the wake of the beatdown.

The workers are claiming self defense and say the victim falsely claimed to have a gun. But a witness told cops he never heard the victim mention a firearm, prosecutors said.

Victim James Keena was with his girlfriend when he placed an order for crispy fries and an egg sandwich with soggy bacon at the popular deli on Beach 116th St. in Rockaway Park about 5:10 a.m. Sunday, police sources said.

Unhappy workers pulled the fries out of the fryer before they became crispy enough, he demanded the remake his order, according to police sources.

Tensions quickly escalated, with the workers trying to boot Keena out of the store. One later denied to cops a claim he had threatened to “piss in” Keena’s fries.

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