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Hi everyone

I found somewhere this system for combining items.It works fine but whenever i pick up an item or create one for the first time i lag.Is there a problem with the trigger or i just have to make a unit pick up all the items on the beggining of the game?

Note that there are 45 same triggers as the one below and the reason i am asking if i should create a unit in the beggining and order him to pick them up is that there are about 90 items in my map and that could cause my problems(picking all of them at map initialization).

Agility Bracer re
        Unit - A unit Acquires an item
        (Item-type of (Item carried by (Triggering unit) of type Agility Bracer Recipe)) Equal to Agility Bracer Recipe
        (Item-type of (Item carried by (Triggering unit) of type Cardinal's Ring)) Equal to Cardinal's Ring
        (Item-type of (Item carried by (Triggering unit) of type Medallion Of Courage)) Equal to Medallion Of Courage
        If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
            If - Conditions
            Then - Actions
                Set ItemCreatePos[1] = (Position of (Triggering unit))
                Item - Remove (Item carried by (Triggering unit) of type Agility Bracer Recipe)
                Item - Remove (Item carried by (Triggering unit) of type Cardinal's Ring)
                Item - Remove (Item carried by (Triggering unit) of type Medallion Of Courage)
                Item - Create Agility Bracer at ItemCreatePos[1]
                Hero - Give (Last created item) to (Triggering unit)
                Special Effect - Create a special effect at (Position of (Triggering unit)) using Abilities\Spells\Items\AIem\AIemTarget.mdl
                Special Effect - Destroy (Last created special effect)
                Custom script:   call RemoveLocation( udg_ItemCreatePos[1] )
            Else - Actions

Ty in advance.
It's enough that you simply preplace all possible combined items (for example Agility Bracer from the trigger above) on the map and then remove them all on Map Initialization.
Might take some time to do this since you have that many combinations though, but there isn't much of an easier way.
This is just a wild guess, but could it be because all 45 triggers share that same event? Because if you had a good number of triggers that have item overlapping war3 might be going through all those triggers at the same time checking for the exact right conditions and then running all the actions and then end up only doing the "then" actions for one trigger; and the "else" for the others.

This is the way I do my items if it isn't a location entry (which mine are).

Agility Bracers
[B]Events[/B] [INDENT]Unit - A unit acquires an item[/INDENT]
[B]Conditions[/B][INDENT]Item of type #1 carried [B]AND[/B] item type #2 [B]AND[/B] Item type #3 carried[/INDENT]
[B]Actions[/B][INDENT]Remove item #1
Remove item #2
Remove item #3
Create Item #4
Give item #4[/INDENT]

I got a little skimpy on the actions/conditions because you know what I mean.:)

Using what I posted, the game will only cycle through one trigger's actions. And I don't know why my code had all those extra lines in it.
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