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  • Yo, should be "Jesus4Lyf" not "Jesus4Lyfe" and yeah, of for myself and Lyncor, lol. :)
    Done, you'll find it in tutorials and resources. Of course, stick around for feedback from others too. :)
    Strangely enough, Viikuna just mentioned that...

    I might write one tonight depending. Today I just feel... different. Like I might... do something. XD
    I'm glad to hear that. I'll make a mental note to investigate some time.
    Sounds like a system fault, obviously. If I can trace it back and you're right, I'll fix & credit. Low priority on the to-do list, though. :)
    I did. And haven't had time to investigate. I was actually wondering if you'd PM me later saying "wait, it isn't fixed"...

    I'll take a look some time, perhaps. To be honest I still haven't even looked at your map.
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