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  • Can you please going to have a look with Elemental Epoch Summoner Beta v0.3 at http://thelderclan.blogspot.com/ and download it and test it out with your friends and give some brilliant suggestions and comment? I really need to have feedback to improve my map. Thanks lots.

    Thelder Teoh of Thelder Clan
    Hey again.
    Still got the source code of TESH? If yes, may I have it? It's because I'm going to make one myself, and I'd like to see how you're doing it.
    First of all, security through obscurity (google if you don't know what that means) never works. If one person found it out, then another will for sure, sooner or later. Better make sure everyone knows of it.
    This is more dangerous because battle.net distribution is much easier and faster than other currently available methods.

    > Is that map attached to security warning safe?
    Yes, to my knowledge it is (I tried it myself and encountered no ill effect).
    well, you said that wc3 custom map playing is unsafe, not really..
    if you never said it, the guys who use it to hack, wouldnt know there was an way..
    now you said it, they know theres an way, they can just open the map, and edit it, so it includes a trojan, so i think it begins to be more dangerous when ppl tells other ppl it... BUT THATS JUST WHAT I THINK
    BTW: How many ppl do you think there will use this as hacking, and it wont be more dangerous, than downloading other things on the internet ;)
    atleast: as far as I know, but i might be wrong!
    hey i have a quick question are there any guides to hero morphing permanently based on level? Like when the hero levels to 10 he will morph into a new hero and level 1 with new skills. like in maps like darwins island (but not based on protein and fiber)
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