World Last U.S. troops leave Iraq, ending war

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The last convoy of U.S. soldiers pulled out of Iraq on Sunday, ending nearly nine years of war that cost almost 4,500 American and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives and left a country grappling with political uncertainty.

The war launched in March 2003 with missiles striking Baghdad to oust President Saddam Hussein closes with a fragile democracy still facing insurgents, sectarian tensions and the challenge of defining its place in an Arab region in turmoil.

The final column of around 100 mostly U.S. military MRAP armored vehicles carrying 500 U.S. troops trundled across the southern Iraq desert from their last base through the night and daybreak along an empty highway to the Kuwaiti border.

Honking their horns, the last batch of around 25 American military trucks and tractor trailers carrying Bradley fighting vehicles crossed the border early Sunday morning, their crews waving at fellow troops along the route.

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Damn, this went on way longer than it should have, although I suppose the reasons for not withdrawing sooner are pretty good; rather, the reasons for starting the war in the first place is probably where judgement should lay. Still, good to have 'em home. I hope the people in Iraq do alright, too.


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Yeah, except for the like 8000 troops still there that don't count.

What do you mean by that? Admittedly, I'm pretty ignorant of current events due to my lack of cable or gettin' the paper, and I didn't actually read the article so it may have said it in there, but it sounds like the last of the troops are comin' out, no?
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