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Hello All,

This is a guide that I recently wrote on how to play my favorite champion- Mordekaiser. Let me know what you think!

Description: Fighter, pusher, melee

Iron man (passive)- Percentage of damage dealt is converted into an over shield
Mace of spades- Next attack carries to 3 other enemies and deals bonus damage
Creeping death- Increases armor/magic resistance of any ally (can bubble self) and does damage
Siphon of destruction- Hits enemies in a cone and converts some of the damage dealt into an over shield
Children of the grave- A portion of the enemy’s health is dealt per second for a certain amount of time. If the champion dies while this is active, a spirit of said champion will follow Mordekaiser and fight for him for 30 seconds.

Can take 2-3 hits from a tower early game without actually getting hurt (will explain later)
Awesome over shield
Easily farms minions
Very good in team fights

Cannot win 1 on 1 battles (so no jungling/is prone to be ganked while moving from A to B)
Very slow early game
Abilities cost health

Recommended summoner spells:
Heal- Not useful late game, but can help prevent against early game ganking.
Teleport- Mordekaiser is about as fast as a turtle, even with boots. During team fights this can make all the difference
Ignite- When combined with Children of the Grave, champion killing is rather easy

Runes: Mark of insight, seal of resilience, glyph of potency, quint of potency
Masteries- 9-21-0

Items/purchase order:
Doran’s Shield- Gives some needed health regeneration and armor early game
Boots- Sorcerer’s shoes OR Boots of swiftness- need greater movement speed
Will of the ancients- Gives a huge increase to AP and also gives spell vamp (lifesteal for abilities)
Rylai’s Crystal Scepter- Gives a huge AP/moderate health boost
Lich Bane- Gives useful AP boosts/has a great unique passive
Abyssal Scepter- Has a nice aura, also gives a large AP boost
Guardian Angel- Basically makes you impossible to kill.

Optional items to use early game:
Elixir of fortitude-Increased health that can make all the difference (especially if another team mate leaves)
Health potions- enough said
Sight wards- Anti-gank tools

Skill order- Take siphon of destruction first, then mace of spades, then creeping death. Then max out SoD as soon as possible (getting ultimate when applicable). Then max MoS (again getting ultimate when applicable). This will maximize your damage output early game.

General tips:
Never take the middle lane, you will die.
Try to lane with a ranged champion, it will make getting champion killing easier
If possible, lane against two melee heroes, as it will make obtaining champion kills much easier
During late game never travel alone, YOU WILL DIE (even with Guardian Angel)
If you are forced to solo a lane (people leaving, getting items, etc.), let the opposing players push back to your tower. Especially early game you will not be able to withstand their nukes/harassments

Always charge into a fight behind minions, using siphon of destruction (E) and hitting as many minions as possible. If possible, try to get enemy champions in the cone, as this is Mordekaiser’s primary harassment spell. Immediately following SoD, activate MoS (Q) and proceed to fight. This is how you get a large over shield. Do be careful early game though, enemies can still strike you down (you can use SoD to only hit champions if needed). You’ll need to farm quite a bit as Mordekaiser as his build is rather expensive.

When fighting other enemy champions, get an over shield up as quickly as possible by using your e skill (trying to get minions caught in the crossfire) then use creeping death on yourself, then activate mace of spades and deal damage. If the enemy is at 25% of health, use ignite and your ultimate. By now, your e skill should be ready to use again. Use it to grab a champion kill. You can use this mirror image to help destroy the tower and/or kill enemy champions. Keep in mind that your ultimate can also be used as a deterrent if people are trying to gank you. If you do activate the ultimate in a gank type situation, more often than not enemy champions will run away.

During team fights, it’s ok to be the first to the fight. Before the fighting starts, use creeping death on yourself so that you get the protective bonuses. Get as many enemy champions/minions in your siphon of destruction as possible, then activate mace of spades. If your team is playing right (attacking lowest health first), then use your ultimate on them after you know they’re going down. Recast your e and q skills and use the mirror image to help your team take down the other enemy champions. When done right, Mordekaiser should have very little damage done to him as most of it will be absorbed by his over shield.

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to add me so that we can play together. My username is Azucharn J.

TL;DR- Get a big over shield and get a lot of AP.


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I can't agree when you say Mordekasier isn't a duelist (1v1 fights/duels)! He has great potential of killing a LOT of champions in a 1 versus 1 fight, from early to late game. As a jungeler I find it hard to gank a Mordekaiser early game. With a good farm and Hextech Revolver he can put out INSANE damage. As soon as he's missing I get scared of meeting him alone somewhere!

Also general thread tips:
- Try high-lighting (BOLD) key points and sub-titles.
- Linking items and runes to's database makes things easier!


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Best part of playing Mordekaiser:

"Your carry is the best player on my team" 6v4!!!
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