US News Texas weatherman going viral over post warning to keep kids from ringing doorbells: 'My 6 was loaded'


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SOUTHLAKE, Texas (TND) — A Texas meteorologist is going viral after a social media post from "iWeatherNet," which he founded and operates, drew incredible backlash across the internet.

Chris Robbins' "iWeatherNet" Facebook account, which has over 116,000 followers and covers weather events in Dallas, Fort Worth and also Atlanta, Georgia, posted on Monday morning a warning, but not of the weather-related variety.

A child just rang my doorbell," the post read. "Folks you do NOT ring doorbells in 2023. My 6 was loaded. Keep your kids away."
The post was signed "Chris," indicating Robbins wrote and posted it himself. The post has since been repeatedly edited as backlash flowed in, but some internet users were able to screenshot the original and upload it on social media themselves.


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That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Threatening to shoot someone because they rang your doorbell? What the F does 2023 have to do with it? Why is it OK to shoot someone for that today? It makes no sense and is total BS and this guy should be added to some kind of list LOL!
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