Wait 0.01 seconds really waits about 1 second...


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A really odd thing about the WE I noticed, is the 0.01 second wait really waits about 1 second, while a .1 wait actually seems to wait .1. If anyone knows about the smallest number in the WE that it will actually wait...that would be nice.

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The smallest amount of time a wait can wait is .1 seconds. Anything lower must by executed be timer callback (timer or periodic event).


I was under the impression it was 0.27 second. Or uh 0.027. One of those!


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I think that GAME TIME seconds do a bit different way of normal seconds...so if you excercise one another you can find out :)


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0.27 for Normal Wait minimal duration.
(Duration + RandomReal(.01, .05)) is the time to wait for a Normal Wait (If you don't understand, "Time to Wait + Random Real between .01 and .05")

0.10~0.30 for Polled Wait is the minimal duration.
The wait time can not have an "after decimal" (You are able to write them but this does nothing).
Example : 1.00, 1.10, 1.20...
But not : 0.01, 1.01, 1.18, 1.36...

If you want a good polled wait, you should remove 0.09 from the normal wait you want.


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OK I made a small test with PolledWait and TriggerSleepAction (normal wait).
I created a timer, ran a polled/sleep line and then checked the timer's elapsed time. Here are the results (seconds put = real-time seconds waited):
0.05 = 0.203 and 0.227 (tried a couple of times and the result was always one of these two)
0.1 = 0.227
0.5 = 0.656
1 = 1.102
1.1 = 1.203
10 = 10.18

Both PolledWait and TriggerSleepAction returned the same results above. However when I tried to use 0 I got different results with them.
polledwait - 0.008
triggersleep - 0.102
These the actual lowest values for those commands I guess. As you can see PolledWait is more precise since it uses a timer.

Conclusion: the best way to "wait" is to start a timer and run something on its callback. However if you simply want to pause a trigger for 20 seconds for example, wait/polledwait will do just fine.
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