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    Unknown EDM Song in Video

    Quality wise-it's definitely in par with modern standards. Bmp is definitely in the sub-120 area so it's definitely house-ish. I started a major search for it bring it a lot of people and the views went from 200 to 800 in one day lol. We will not rest till its name is found and if it turns out...
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    Unknown EDM Song in Video

    It's not my video and if you read the description, the publisher himself is asking for the song name. I don't think it'd be possible to get him to contact the people because otherwise I'd believe he'd have done it already.
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    Unknown EDM Song in Video

    Hey guys, I hope you can help me out here. I really want to the name of the song played in this video. I'm not sure exactly what genre it is but no ID applications have worked thus far. I presumed it was Ambient house but I can't find it still. Any help in identifying it are appreciated!
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    Lighting Won't Show

    Hello everyone. Now that beta phase 1 is over I want to start getting to work on the editor but I'm having a little concern here. I'm just testing things here and there and noticed that besides changing the color of the map lighting, none of the dozens of options have a visual affect on my...
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    Some Basic Facts on Editor

    I'm not in the beta but I managed to get the editor to work on my computer (nothing illegal) so I'll input some observations into this thread to inform people who may not have the chance to look at the new editor. (And imo, this editor so far looks amazing) 1. Support for 14 players 2. Alpha...
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    Old Game- Revenant

    Sry to not update for a while but I ressolved the issue myself with an option u can select during the start up screen so I'm fine. As for ur suggestion, just so u know it wouldn't work but thanks anyway.
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    Old Game- Revenant

    Hey guys, recently I want to replay a very big favorite of mine back in the days called Revenant. For those who don't know, it's a mega action packed rpg game that's pretty damn fun despite it being a rushed game which is noticable at the end of the game. Anyway I have windows xp and hardware...
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    Monk Class Revealed

    Just recently in Blizzcon blizzard has announced the fourth class for Diablo 3, details provided in the following link. Addition proof can be found here...
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    Guide - Good RPG

    Yes that it is true, the majority of these suggestions and criteria are mainly executable through TFT. I'll be sure to later edit it a little further to show that.
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    Guide - Good RPG

    By request of several different people I have decided to make a considerable edit to the tutorial adding 2 short sections and adding content to others. Enjoy and hopefully this tutorial will help you :D
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    Writer's Challenge (Classic)

    I'll pick 17
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    Cinematic Ragnar's Journey

    Thx for the feedback, since I have time on my hands I might as well improvise upon it. And I actually used an extractor program to get the sounds from my rune folder. (I still play the game a lot :D)
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    Cinematic Ragnar's Journey

    Hello everybody. I'm here to introduce what is actually my first published work but also a pretty unique one in the fact that it's made out of boredom and randomness. Ragnar's Journey This map is a cinematic that recreates the beginning of the single player cinematic of the game Rune...
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    Attack Animations

    Check my own issue to help you out. If it doesn't make sense to you then this is what you do. Firstly, make a unit variable and in a trigger set it to a unit. Then in the trigger where you want the unit to perform the animation add a...