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    Sci/Tech SpaceX successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket after launching it to space

    They've been really goin' at this, too - the last attempt was only about 2 months ago, with the one before that happening in about the same time span. Musk might be a bit overly ambitious at times, but that's the drive that's gonna get him to bring us some truly incredible innovations that...
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    Sci/Tech Elon Musk worries third World War would ruin Mars mission

    But this time, War pushed Tech a little too far! Now, only one man and his passion for grizzly wrestling can unite the tattered remains of the world under a single banner of righteous manliness. This is... Putin's America Coming soon to theaters near you.
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    US News Bud Weisser arrested for trespassing at Budweiser Brewery

    I mean, you see what counts as news everywhere else. Why would this surprise you?
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    World Russian MP died when husband set off grenade during sex in car

    And that was the last time they... banged.
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    World Mystery ghost fleet washes up in Japan: Eleven ships containing 20 dead sailors are discovered

    Fuckin' bullshit title. Did these ships just materialize out of the fog? Are they glowing and iridescent? Did they disappear back off into the night? Ghost ship, my ass. A skeleton crew does not a ghost ship, make.
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    World Islamic State recognizes Taiwan in new propaganda video

    Yeah, they seem to go about things in a much more direct manner than we do. They tend to get results a lot faster because of it.
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    US News President Obama Signs Bill Recognizing Asteroid Resource Property Rights into Law

    You should definitely worry about our government. They don't give two shits. Ask Japan.
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    US News President Obama Signs Bill Recognizing Asteroid Resource Property Rights into Law

    That's what this says, is that countries won't own the asteroids, but private companies will. The idea is that if you go up and wrangle yourself an asteroid and start mining it, no one in the US government is going to come and try to take it away from you. That's good enough to start, at least.
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    World Russian sailor drinks half a litre of rum before crashing 7,000-ton ship at full speed into Scotland

    Did this only happen because it was rum instead of vodka? 'Cuz half a 'litre' sounds like an everyday thing where Russians are concerned.
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    Crime Paris attacks: Identifications and arrests start piling up

    France doesn't really do a lot of fighting in wars at this point in history, do they? I wouldn't be scared.
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    Report Presenteeism: The reasons why we go into work sick

    I'ma inject you with HIV blood.
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    Sci/Tech Police pull over self-driving Google car for doing 25mph in a 35mph zone

    The car is testing us to see how much it can get away with. It's already developed a sentience of its own...
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    Sci/Tech New Horizons: Pluto may have ice volcanoes

    You might be right, there's no telling what a fully T'd up Firecat is capable of.