News Mommy’s Milk Cheese: Breast Milk Cheese by Chef Daniel Angerer


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I feel a bit uncomfortable with all these human milk threads. :p

that gave me quite a chuckle :rolleyes:

If you think about it, you drank your mothers milk when you were young so... you outgrew milk? I dont think it matters where you get your diary products, as long as its good quality :nuts:


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Another major diffrence here between the two milks is the fact that cow (and other animals) milk is cleaned and prosseced (bad speller sorry) before we drink it. It's not like we do that with human breast milk, maybe if we did I would consider it.

You should read this:

Also, you realize that milk, immediately after extraction is clean? The only bacteria it picks up is from containers etc etc after extraction. If it was full of bacteria, infants wouldn't survive.

Also, I don't drink Dr. Pepper. Hell, I don't even drink soft drinks. Water, Juice, and Milk are the way to go.
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