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Doctors can’t tell Mandy Sellars why her legs keep expanding – all they say is that her only option is a drastic amputation. She travelled to the US for a new TV show in search of an alternative...

It’s not easy being Mandy Sellars. She has hugely outsized legs that make having a normal life nearly impossible.

People stare whenever she leaves the house, she needs a special car to get around and can’t work full time.

What’s more, her condition is getting worse and doctors say she needs an amputation so severe she won’t be able to sit up.

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Poor lady, it's amazing how she can stay so positive with a condition like that.
She kind of looks like a guy. Buying shoes must suck. Wonder how tall she is.
She kind of looks like a guy. Buying shoes must suck. Wonder how tall she is.

She goes to a doctor, who measures her feet and modifies her old shoe module to fit her enlarged feet.
im suprised she can get enough blood pumped to keep them alive
That poor woman... There has got to be a reason for this, I sure hope she keeps hope.
Poor woman. That looks really bad. Amputation might be the only solution left ... I can't see how those legs will miraculously shrink.
she needs Doctor House.
I wonder if they stopped growing yet :) Enquiring minds want to know...
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