Wow, Blizzard has ruined WoW more than I thought..


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Onyxia can probably get solo'd just like that, she's been 2 manned, and when the Expansion comes out, she will be solo'd.


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"Oh, my apologies dear friend". Haha :D practicing for this college thing. And I don't think Wow WotLK will make big sales, I mean Diablo 3 and Starcraft, those are classics, this is just a newgen.


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Guys what the hell? WoW is so freaking lore based it's amazing. You make a freaking mmorpg and then talk to me. What would you have them do??? Make a bunch of fake bosses for you to kill with new names and have nothing to do with enemies you remember from warcraft lore??? BTW amazingly enough they expand the game each time with places that actually existed in lore...outland and northrend... not like they made up a new continent or anything...I'm proud of them for that.

Every quest keeps in mind the feel of Warcraft and the lore of Warcraft... Blizzard has an entire team of lore and storyline developers. Besides don't you feel like a group of heroes could save the world from one lick king? why not?

and YOU FIGHT ONYXIA ONE MAN. Bet you would die. Just because somebody devoted their life to it for a while doesn't mean everyone can do it... and good for him. Doesn't ruin the lore, onyxia is back every week when you can fight her again.

If you want to feel better, just stop playing after you kill the lich king because you saved the world. Then you can say "I beat WOW." and stop crying.


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No one here is crying that the game is too easy or hard. But they expanded the game boundaries a bit too far in my opinion, and they actually did create a bunch of heroes and instances not specifically relevant to the lore they came up with. They should've made 30 - 50 man instances to begin with, more world events, Much more class and item relating quests, etc.

Its Lich King btw :p
Every quest keeps in mind the feel of Warcraft and the lore of Warcraft... Blizzard has an entire team of lore and storyline developers. Besides don't you feel like a group of heroes could save the world from one lick king? why not?

And most quests, for me at least DO NOT bring back the original story of Warcraft and what it was designed to be, there are overpowered classes and unbalanced items and spells, many, and or countless top of the notch heroes, who all have god like items that are supposedly a significant part of the lore. Onyxia is pictured in the lore as the sister of Nefarian, both of the Dragons are WEAK as heck, and in the lore amazing strong being destroyers of the worlds and such, even a group of mighty heroes aren't described as being capable of fighting such a great power like that, especially heroes who aren't popular. Thrall, in a book written for WoW's lore, was not nearly as powerful as a average Hero in the WoW world, and here, in the Game he can probably take like 20 players, 20 good players. That isn't relating to LORE AT ALL!!!!

I say they did a good job keeping up customers and prices, but the thing that started it all is turning inside out and going to fall on them.

Thanks for revivng a old thread :D:D And "Why so serious..?"


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I never even played WoW! And I know they screwd up the story just from reading the story on the website after TFT. I like to think that the story after TFT doesn't exist and it ended perfectly.:)


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Could someone please tell me what they don't like about the new WoW lore?

I personally love how WoW ties in its old storylines to create new ones. The conspiracy against Illidan was brilliantly told and orchestrated. Not to mention Onyxia's plot against Stormwind, which is hinted at throughout the game. Tons of events are told very well, extremely well in fact, for such a massive game.

WoW's capability to make the storyline feel individual to each player while still involving their entire population is amazing. Other MMORPGs can never even come close to this. Even Guild Wars, which is a Single/Multiplayer hybrid, can't top it (not to mention WoW's story is far better).

And then there's the presentation. The epic boss fights (just try to block out the screaming voices on vent!), the beautiful artwork and design, and the unique and interesting characters. The fact that every instance has a story that could fill an entire book leaves me more than impressed. And then the slight comedic theme to the world just tops it off.

So maybe Blizzard contorted the main storyline just a bit, but all in all I think it's better told, and more universal. It's not just one static storyline, it's more dynamice and bends around, and wraps different elements in.

The ONLY shortcomings, in my opinion, are the following:

The entire race of the Naaru. You'd think they'd be mentioned by paladins/such, and the fact that they can build interdimensional spaceships is a bit hokey....
The summoning of Kil'jaeden. At least you don't fight him in his entirety, and you don't kill him. You just prevent him from entering the world. But it was still kind of random how they added him.

So there's my argument :rolleyes:


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The art of magic

everyone is just fucusing about the story line but what about the spells?

The problem with wow spells is that their to origanal!! I would like wow spells to have more flayer and awsome animation into them.

for example: rain of fire. rain of fire is horrible!! when you cast it fire balls just come out of no were and just land on the ground.

basicly what im saying is that the spells of wow are simple and they should make some more structural complex out of the ordinary spell spells!!

Ill personally give them an idea or to if they really need it :D


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Yeah, that is so true! The Paladin spells, all based on light, and have no magical holy looks to them, Hunter spells, special fires, and traps... (boring...) Priest spells, I guess these were somewhat unique, but no special effects.. Warlock spells, too dark and shadowy, we need more lights and fire!!! Warrior, has no cool spells. Druid forms and spells are actually pretty good with eye candy and are unique!!! Shamans.. Screw shamans. Yeah, thats pretty much it.


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Wow, did this thread die abruptly, anyways, I made a post in it earlier, and thought I'd get back in it again :D

>I don't think they'll ever kill Sargeras. Plus, there are stronger things out there in the world, like the Old Gods.

Since when are the Old Gods more powerful than the titans themselves o_O (Yes Sargeras is a Titan, corrupted and yatta yatta yatta, he may be refered to as a demon god, but c'mon give him some creds for once being a good guy)

>I admit I know more of the lore than the avera person (apparently not, considering above standing statement) should and I can tell you that even if Sargeras, Kil'jaeden, Azshara, Deathwing, and every main enemy died, Blizzard could still pull out another WoW and make it amazing.

And they are, considered expansions from Blizzzard are said by blizzard reps to be Emerald Dream, The Maelstrom and one they at that time (2003) called The Burning Legion, taking you to the demons homeworlds.

>This is my idea of how blizzard should do things:

Finish WotLK. Add one last expansion, then do Project Hydra (Blizzard's unnamed project, most people think Diablo 3).
Pop out a Warcraft 4 to fill in some lore, and then the return of the good stuff, World of Warcraft 2. Using Warcraft 4's new lore, create yet another multi-billion dollar MMO.

Hmm, No problems with this aslong as they keep WoWlore separate from WC4

>That seems the logical 'warcraft' order of things. I don't see why they wouldn't continue this section of their company, as it's the most lucrative.

As a company, money always comes first, so yeah.

>You keep saying that Blizzard will just pull from it's old material, but I haven't seen it do that yet. The only time was probably involving Medivh in wc3.

What are you saying here, that Blizzard has not re-used any of it's Warcraft I-II-III material in WoW?, Hyjal seems familiar to me, was that were Arthas held his annual kegger? //har har har sarcastically
I would say complete Caverns of Time is a re-use of old material, but then again, that's a good thing since it forces the good ol' lore upon the grinders.

The probable reason this thread died must be that there was nothing more to add, WoW is WoW, Warcraft is Warcraft, sure there are connection but don't play the Warcraft series, sink down it a world of beautyful lore, read the books and then play WoW hoping that you will get a good followup, or you'll be dissapointed, I know I was.

As a game WoW is the best MMORPG out there, with a perfect balance, good story, intensity, gameplay etc. as_a_standalone_game

They could have done more to keep the lore flowing, but what the 'common players' care.

Don't give me that crap about there's much lore in WoW, well, sure there is, but who reads it, give me the names of 10 of our guildies reading the questlogs, TEN PEOPLE not mashing the accept button asap, listening to the events in raids or are they to disstracted by disscussing tactics (which they probably are, since well, they have to or else they'll be owned by the boss). And oh add-ons make it so much easier ignoring everything, there's an add-on a friend of mine uses while playing (QuestHelper) he no longer need to search for the words west/east/south/north of <where you picked up the quest> he has an arrow in the middle of the screen pointing where to go, how to optimize leveling as fast as possible, not only does it remove any lore possible in this game, it also kills the artwork with bright colors, stripes and dots all over the UI and Map.

aaaaaaaand GO kill me and my subjective comments
(Xapphire, our thoughts are in synch from what I've read of your posts :))


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They are shaping the game to suit MMORPG players better.
I wouldn't be surprised if we get Alexstrasza, Elune and Kil'jaeden as killable bosses soon enough.

there is a part where you have to kill Kil'jaeden, he's half comming out of the sunwell....Kel'thas's doing....


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As a game WoW is the best MMORPG out there, with a perfect balance, good story, intensity, gameplay etc. as_a_standalone_game

best SELLING mmorpg, not best mmorpg out there. just because more people drive a honda than a porsche doesnt make it better. anyway, I think WoW is a good game but definately not the best mmo out there. Wow has alot of PvE content that goes well with the storyline because WoW in a sense is a PvE oriented MMO. The PvP in WoW is very lacking compared to other MMO's that are more PvP oriented but they may have inferior PvE content and storyline. it really comes down to what type of style you prefer, but placing one mmo's superiority over another as factuality is very simple minded.

EDIT- Also, as moos stated in the post above, not everyone but a majority of players do not bother reading the lore or quests in WoW. To be honest, there is an MMO out there that has an even greater storyline that is considered to be one of the best stories in a game ever yet no one bothers to read it due to the long walls of text. And that mmo is city of heros i believe.


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Haha, this thread isn't meant to die, it is epic :) I love it.

Anyways, yes well the Beta is looking promising, not as "HORRIBLE" as I thought it would be, yet who knows right..? I mean all these new games are coming out.

You say WoW isn't the best MMO out there, if it isn't then what is? Honestly it is probably the best right now, I just don't want that ruined, not only like sales wise but like actual game wise. It is probably top MMo right now and will be, and its true It can just be sooooo much better it's funny how blizzard doesnt realize that!


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I gotta say another thing that I don't think has been mentioned, followed by a "short" rant. How VANILLA the character animations are! If you cast a spell, you do the exact same thing every time. Same with channeling. Each race is very unique in context, but why is there no mixing? Why aren't there 3-5 different animations, so your character doesn't get a repetitive stress injury?

You say WoW isn't the best MMO out there, if it isn't then what is? Honestly it is probably the best right now, I just don't want that ruined, not only like sales wise but like actual game wise. It is probably top MMo right now and will be, and its true It can just be sooooo much better it's funny how blizzard doesnt realize that!

I wouldn't say it's the "Best" either.. but if there's something better, it's yet to be more publicized.. WoW is so much more popular because it IS cartoony, in a sense, because it doesn't take the donation of a kidney's worth of cash to buy the supercomputer to run the graphics; it's popular because girls can play Blood Elves, and 11-year-olds can be Tauren, and the landscape has a sunnier sky than the competition's.

It's popular because Blizzard is as household a name to people like us as Ellen Degeneres is to our mothers. If you wanna play with a friend, well hell, they're playing WoW - how can 7 million strong be wrong, right? You loved Starcraft, you loved Diablo, you loved Warcraft, well, here's World of Warcraft, a steak in front of your hungry jowls, eat up!

I'll probably never play again - that's not bothersome to me. But now if I did go back I'd be too upset; I'd see morons on my old server wearing equipment their 1400-rated arena team bought them that's better than the hard-earned T5 I struggled to top DPS meters for. Things are tooooo easy, and good equipment is no longer hard to come by.

When the expansion comes out, I'll see my T5 being made completely erroneous by greens in a 70-72 zone. I'll see my 375 Jewelcrafting and all the profit that I could have made with it going down the tubes, replaced by the 1000 other 375 JCers on my server busting their asses to the next tier.

I came back to WoW after not playing for a year for Burning Crusade, and didn't understand the moaning and groaning of the epic 60's. Now that I do, I understand the nature of the business. I don't want to spend money to work harder for little bits of data and bragging rights over some 16-year-old punkass in Oklahoma. It's a damn fine eye-opener..

Wanna level a character? Get good at DotA, make some friends on BNet there, and rock out. You'll make 100 levels in 4 good games. Oh, and it's free, if you have Warcraft III and TFT. Enticing? I think so.


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Take a shaman(Ner'zhul was a shaman) and pit him against 20 footies - the footies win

Take a deathknight(Arthas a was a deathknight) and pit him against another 20 footies - the footies win again

Now create a costum unit with all the characteristics of those 2 combined and let it fight 40 footies - the footies win again

So far for your invincible lich king whining.

A swarf of footies could kill anything in the canonical wc3 and in "lore ruining" wow exactly the same thing happens.

To the QQ spacadin crowd: Does garithos trusting sylvanas from the start make any sense at all?

To the qq he's dead for all future games now crowd: How often did you have to whack illidan, vash and kael in the final tft mission?

To everybody:

You sir, are a genius. Only addition, is:

Take TWO SHAMANS, combine them.
Take two death knights, combine them.
Combine the two.

It makes close to no difference. The 40 footmen still win.


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Actualy dual Death knights will always win...

1) They can heal each other
2) Dual ults? gg pls
3) Death pact ults for health
4) can run away from footies and micro alot better than 40 footies

If you mean physically combine two DKs: DK will win BIG TIME:

1) His regen alone will counter the damage 40 footies could do. about 6 footies max on a surround, with his bonus str + hp regen he'd probably out regen the damage.
2) Death coil will 1 shot a footie. With his larger mana pool (probably over 1k) he could probably nuke at least half the footies.
3) Damage... He'll be doing 100+ damage a hit. that's 4 hits a footie.
4) Twelve invuln footies? great for escaping and extra damage

lvl 10 lich could win just with nova D&D and shield.

CL could also probably win.

I get your point... It's fun. however they ruined the story and other parts that made it enjoyable.


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Hm...But in WoW Arthas is level what... 80? Who knows I don't play. Yet on the other hand, he doesn't fight footies, he fight some lvl 80 hybrids with secksy equips. But complaining about it won't make a single change.
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