Iconpack WoW Icon Pack [~1660 Icons]


yes it works, but one thing though, the ability and spells are incomplete
I have some kind of WoW icon previews for abilities, spells downlaoded from here, all I need to do is use wc3 borderizer.

Just click on an icon, and there will be different dimensions, I downloaded all the spells and abilities, I still haven't downloaded the items, just search for spells or abilities or equipments etc.


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Impressive;After mapping for awhile and having played wow in past I can def tell alot of WoW icon comes from WC3


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Bravo! Especially for getting permission from Blizzard. A definate +rep.


Since it might be needed and I hate wait-time before downloads I uploaded them to my FTP, use the mirror if you wish Trollvottel.

This pack could prove usefull for alot of people!

mirror said:
Mirror #2 (GooS.se)

Don't know what speed people will get, any one testing this could send a PM to me to not go off-topic.



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Thank you for the link, added it to the list. The speed is nice, i get my full download speed (which is 100 kb/s ^^).


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Why hasn't this been approved?

EDIT: Nice speeds on that download GooS, 800kb/s a new personal record :eek:

Need to test my host's speed :p


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Ok :p

I will remove part of that line.


EDIT: Nice speeds on that download GooS, 800kb/s a new personal record.

In any case there is a risk that the file might be removed as I switch to support my own server instead of a hosted one. If this should happen just PM me!



I keep popping up on this site from time to time.
Needs better sorting.
Should have sorted them by .jpg and .blp, then by type, such as passive, autocast, etc etc.
Other than that, I like it. They're good icons, and very useful.
I'll throw another mirror in here eventually. Just gotta find the .rar (too lazy to download again).



Ya Rly >.
rar sucks, 7z is the way to go.

I'm using this to practice my icon drawing abilities.

and make some other abilities.


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:) It's :thup: <3 you.

The download site is in deutch
Where Only the last line it's is.:nuts:


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