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  • Hi! musta na?
    [Tignan mo nalang ung About Me ko, punta ka sa link na nakasaad doon, and find out for yourself para makilala mo ako.]
    You should learn to ignore me sometimes, I have the brain of a 4-year old child!!!

    HAPPY :)

    you've got to be kidding me... im 16 in 3rd yr.. one of my classmates is 16 but months older.. only 2 of us are 16 in the 3rd yr batch... mostly 4th yrs are 17-18 in my private school :p
    Well tbh I am alone on this one. My team is from 2 coders and me. Meaning that exept some abilities they won't have that much to trigge... + it is not really altered melee... Ok first you choose senario. For example, team 1 is the attacked, team 2 are inside of a castle and they fight. Yes, there are races and quite a lot of units. That is why I call it altered melee.... If I give you a small layout of the actial game can you tell me what you think of it ?
    One is a mini game on witch I am already working. The second is altered melee I suppose... or offence... not sure to be honest
    riight, well today I got 2 map ideas....one is finished as idea... the second really needs work :p
    well, I would like to see a bigger picture, but from this resolution, yeah, she looks hot. How old is she ? xD
    haha thanks... since I foolishly deleated my direct X and now it won't instal it is crappy PC for me for the next... .3 days, blah
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